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PGL 2018

Year 6 set off this morning in glorious sunshine and as soon as we hear they have arrived in Grantham we will let you know!


Update - they have arrived at PGL - the message was very sunny and very happy - so all is well. If we get a photo sent this evening we will post it on here. Please relax - your children are having a lovely time!


Latest message from PGL: We've had a great day - very active and very hot! The kids are playing capture the flag now and then we're hoping they'll all be tired enough for bed!!

Here are a couple of photos to prove that we didn't lose any of them on the way!!

Tuesday's News from PGL 
Wow, what a day! The kids have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and have had a jam packed day - we're all very proud of them.  Mrs Stephenson brought Mrs Velasco up for the rest of the week and joined us for some of the afternoon activities! Mrs Attenborough has just left for home and the kids are off to do some orienteering. Here's the first batch of emails for you to enjoy... 

Miss Rogers, Miss Gordon, Mr Pugh, Mrs Field, Mr Kram, Mrs Velasco 

To mum and dad xxx 

I am loving PGL SO MUCH it had been so fun and all the activities look so exciting! We went on the Giant Swing and Abseiling - it was really cool!!! We also did buggy building and the sensory trail.  
I love you so much and miss you too... but I know I'm going to have a great time here at PGL. 
Love Lottie (tell Rose to not touch any of my stuff!) 

To mum and dad, 

I love you.  I'm in a room with Sophie, Ellie and Millie.  It's been great! All of the activities are brilliant too! I'm just loving it - the trapeze was brilliant!! 
Love you, 
Maddi xxx 

To mummy, daddy, Adam and Matt, 
I am having a great time at PGL. I miss you a lot but Miss Gordon, Miss Rogers, Mr Pugh and Mr Kram are looking after me.  Today I did the Trapeze and, even though it was high, I still caught the bar!!! 
I am in a room with Ellie, Maddi, Millie (yaaay!) I am very happy and I am with Violet in the day.  When I come home please can you do something special? 
Lots of love Sophie xxx 

To Mummy, 

I hope you’re ok. I’m fine. I’m missing you but don’t worry because we’re having so much fun. We got number 12 for our room, how funny. I never knew I was such a daredevil
lots of hugs & kisses.  


To Mum and Dad, 

I miss you so much. I did the trapeze and I got to the top, I hit it as well. I really hope that Hannah hasn’t gone into my room yet and I’m having a great time.  

Love James SB 

To Mum and Dad, 

I’m having so much fun, but still missing you. I almost made a PGL record on the trapeze, climbing 10 metres in 15 secs. Though as little as two day has passed. I am enjoying life loads. In my room is Josh D G, Lewis & Dominic and oh, my turtles. Will see you Friday.  

From Bruno 

Hi Mum, hi dad, and hi Es, 

I’m missing you a lot and I’m quite home sick. However that didn’t stop me. I did the trapeze and high ropes today and so nervous. I beat my target on both of them and I am really pleased with myself. The food and the adults here are great.  
Love from Luke  

To Mum, Dad, Katie and Cuddles, 
I am having a GREAT time at PGL. I went on a trapeze and I jumped to the bar! I am in a room with Jess, Ella, Lucile, Katie and Alice. It is so fun! Love you lots. I miss you. 
Love from Julia xxx  

Dear Mummy, Daddy, Abigail and Isaac, 
Hi, I’m missing you but I’m having so much fun. Some of it has been scary but I’ve done everything. I’m in a room with Jess, Julia, Katie, Alice and Lucile.  
Love you lots Ella.  

Hey Dad and Ernz! 
These two days have been so much fun. Still missing you. I have really good room mates and the food is SO good. The activities are so fun (and hard) I really hope you are having fun.  
Love Stanley  

To Mummy and Daddy, 
PGL is a bit different to what I expected and I’ve been a little homesick. But I have had so much fun! I’ve had fun on the equipment like the high ropes.  
Miss you you, Ben C  

Hi Mummy and Daddy, 

So far I have made many memories. Missing you lots but having an amazing time. Can’t wait to see you on Friday!  

Love Scarlett (S) xx 

P.s. got a fear of heights... 

Hello family!  

I’ve been having a great time at PGL! I have done so many exciting activities. The best thing is my room mates who are Tom B, Tom M, Zain H, Ian and Luke. Please don’t worry! Yes I am eating lots!  

Love Marius 

To Mum, Dad and Mollie, 

I’m having a great time! Today I got to the top of the trapeze and jumped to the bar! I’m in a room with Julia, Ella, Alice, Lucile, and Katie! I went on high ropes twice and I can’t wait for the giant swing!  
See you guys on Friday!  

Love from Jessica 

Hello Family, 

PGL is epic! My roommates are James SB, Ben C, Stanley, Sam and Zain Z. In my group is Luke, Josh, George and a few girls. My favourite part has been the high rope!  

Miss you,  

To Mum and Dad, 

I am having such an amazing time here! Hope you and the boys are ok! I am in a great dorm and all the activities are so fun! We have done high ropes, trapeze, aeroball and quad biking so far! We still have lots to come and I am so excited!  

See you soon, 
Anna :)  

To mummy and daddy
PGL IS SOOO GUN! In my dorm I have Ellie, Maddi and Sophie which i’m Thrilled about! Today I went on the trapeze and jumped on to it which i’m trilled about. The food is great but I’m missing you sooo much.
Hugs and kisses

To mum and dad,
I miss you lots but I am having an AMAZING time. Today I did abseiling, quad biking, trapeze and buggy building. I was worried about abseiling but I managed to do it. I miss you lots but I am having a great time.
Love you lots
P.s don't let Marwa touch any of my stuff!

Per mama e papá
Come state? Io bene, mi mancate molto. Vi pensó siempre e só che anche voi me pensaré nlo selle persone fontostiche: Scarlett, Anna, Malak... oggi (12 giugno) civsesme arrampicati da pertutto!! Tutto va molto bene e bellissimo (ma spaventoso come, sai io odio andare in alto le cambe sempre tremavano poi e succeso ... Forse é meglio che ve lo dica quango arrivo! 
Bacio by Alessia

Wednesday at PGL...
They are all having an amazing time, got a better night's sleep last night and are off to the disco tonight. Here are some more messages home:
Hi mum and dad, 
Hope you're having a good Eed. Also hope Salmoun's exams are going well. 
PGL is amazing! All the challenges are really challenging and tiring but really fun. Looking forward to coming back! 
Zain H 

To mum, 

I am so busy all day that I dont have time to miss you! I made to the top on the all on board with 2 friends and did also the trapeze. 
Love che 

To mum, 

I am not feeling too homesick . We am in a room with josh l, josh w, Ben b, james and George. 

I got to the top of the all on board, completed high tops and did the trapeze. 

Love Zak 


PGL is great! Quad biking was really fun and I was great. I managed to overcome the giant swing and vertical challenge. 

Tom M 

To mum and dad, 

I had a good time at PGL. I did the high rope and that was the best. I did the sensory trail and we had to be blind but Mr. kram said I was a super star. tell Renee and Elise that I love them. 

From Dominic  

To Mum and Dad, 

I’m having a great time at PGL. The food and activities are really good. I’m really missing you and I hope you’re having a good time but I’ll be happy when I’m back.  
Love James B  

Hi Mum and Dad, 
Having fun! I managed to get to the top of all aboard! My roommates are really nice they are: Ben C, Stan, Callum, James SB and Zain. Miss you! 
Love Sam  

Dear Mum and Dad, 
I’m having a great time at PGL. Ella, Jess, Julia, Lucile and Katie are in my room and people like Laura and Jess are in my group. The activities are so fun and the food is really good! See you on Friday! 
Love Alice  

I’m having lots of fun and have done things like abseiling, quad biking and more. I miss you Mum and Dad and I drifted on the quad bike! I’m sharing a room with Che, James B and Blaise. I miss you all so much and Matthew. Also say hi to Evie, Ralf and Fang. I will see you in two days! 
From James- DM 

To Mum and Dad, 

I’m loving PGL so far! It’s the best! Thank you for letting me go! I went on all the activities and did not cry once! I hope at home everything’s under control - (JAMES!!! >:) ) 

From Lewis xxx 

Hi Mum and Dad, 

PGL is awesome and I have tried everything. I’m sharing a room with India, serine and Scarlett W and it’s really fun! The food here is great too! As I am writing this I am about to go to the disco!!! 

Love you lots, 

From Imo xxx 

Dear Mummy and Mamma, 

PGL is SO MUCH FUN!! I’m sharing a room with Imo, Serine and Scarlett W! Today I tried to go on the high ropes but I was so scared so I only got to the first platform. The food is great!!  

Love from India :)  

Dear Mum, Dad and Georgia, 

I’m having a really good time at PGL. Annabel and Martha are in my room and I have been getting lots of sleep. People like Martha and Edie are in my group and I have tried every activity and I have got to the top of everything I’ve tried!  

The food is really good and all of the staff are really nice. Everything has been really fun and I miss you a lot! I will see you on Friday, 

Love Evie xx 

Hello Mum  

How’s life. You’re probably crying like I did with two activities, but today I conquered my fear of heights. My roommates are really nice and fun, more than I expected and make sure that we get McDonalds and Starbucks when I come home.  


Zain Z 

To Mum and Dad 

I am having a nice time at PGL. So far I have done giant swing, quad bike, vertical challenge, sensory trail and abseiling. I am missing you a bit but I am staying strong and challenging myself. Tomorrow, I am doing archery (Yah), high ropes and all aboard. I hope you are happy and thinking about me.  

From Blaise 

Dear Mummy, Daddy and Arthur, 

I am having lots of fun a PGL, I climbed the trapeze and abseiled down a wall. Tomorrow I am going on the giant swing. I hope you are well.   

Scarlett W 

Hi Mum and Dad, 

PGL is sooo good! I got to the top of the vertical challenge and the giant swing. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday. In my room is Tom B, Tom M, Zain H, Ian, Marius and Luke. Abseiling was amazing but scary. High ropes were so, so scary and we learnt funny chants.  

I’ll see you on Friday.  

Love Tom B  

Dear Mum, Dad, Harry and Bea, 
I’m having a great time at PGL! Evie and Martha are in my room and Millie is in my group. We have done loads of activities but my favourite one has probably been the high ropes. I got round the course twice! The food is really good and I’ve always worked up an appetite by the time we go to eat. See you soon.  
Love Annabelle  

Dear mum , dad and Hannah,
I am having a great time. I am in a room with Jess, Alice, Lucille, Ella and Julia so far i’ve Done abseiling, all on board and more and managed to get to the top of all on board with violet and Emily. I was nervous about it but Igot to the top.
Love Katie 
Here are some pictures of some of the groups ready for the disco!!

Thursday's posting from PGL - with apologies for the lateness!

Their last night away and they will be back tomorrow afternoon, around 4.30pm but we will advise you of their eta nearer the time.

We've had another brilliant day - the kids have relaxed into the routine and are enjoying spending time all together! Here are the final emails... 

I am having an amazing time here.  There isn't one thing I haven't tried! Abseiling was brilliant!! I love it! I did the Giant Swing and I was scared. I thought I was going to the middle but the leader, Tristan, tricked me and I actually swung from the top!! 
Miss Rogers, Miss Gordon, Mr Pugh, Mr Kram, Mrs Velasco and Mrs Field are all so supportive and so lovely. 
Can't wait to come home but also love it here! Say hi to B for me, 
Love you all 

To mum, dad and family, 
I miss you all so much every single day! I've been on a lot of high activities such as giant swing, vertical challenge and all aboard.  I had the best time ever but I wish you guys were here with me. 
Love Malak 
P.s. please take care of yourselves 


PGL is really fun but sometimes you’re too tired to do anything. I’m sharing a dorm with Malak, Scarlett and Alessia. Giant swing was the best one but I really wanted another turn on the high ropes because I didn’t complete it and now I regret it. Right now we are playing football and I’m getting better. I really enjoy it.  

Amna xox 

To Mum + Dad, 

I am in a room with James D, Josh W, Ben B, George and Zak. I am having a great time!  
See you Friday,  
Love from Josh L 

Dear Mum, Dad, Ben! 

I am having a great time at PGL! I am having a wonderful time at PGL! My roommates are: Dominic, Lewis and Bruno. PGL is so amazing and I am looking forward to see you guys on Friday. You can do: quad bikes, high ropes, giant swing, archery, trapeze, climbing wall and all aboard! My favourite is quad bikes and aeroball. The food in the dining room is awesome and I’m having a brilliant time and I will see you guys on Friday! My room number is 5!  

Love, Joshua :) 

To Mum and Dad,  

PGL is amazing - I’m in a room with K-dog, Jenny, Sylvie, Laura and Emily. The food is great and I have conquered most of my fears!! The disco was awesome but I had a sore throat afterwards! To Tessa - I hope you don’t miss me too much, I can’t wait to see you on Friday! Hoping for a few surprises when I get home and lobster for dinner! I loved all aboard. The card you sent me was amazing and I can’t draw tessa either! I wrote in my diary every day and I have lots of pictures for you and dadda! 

Love you loads, 
Izzy xxxxoooo 

Hi Bobby, 
PGL is so fun! Hope George is sleeping well and Julsey is getting better.  
Lots of love from Lucy 

PGL has been great so far. I have got to the top of everything. My favourite thing was all aboard. Violet and Katie were with me and we did it together. I am in a great room with my friends.  
Love Emily  

To Luna, Mum, Dad and Noah, 
I am having a great time and I miss you lots. My favourite activities were the giant swing and the high ropes. I am in a room with Evie and Annabel. Today we did fencing and no vertical challenge. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  
Love from Martha  

To Mum and Dad, 
The disco was awesome. I danced a lot and on the giant swing, I screamed a lot- I think I burst Scarlett’s eardrums! It’s was very funny on All Aboard. I cried because I couldn’t stay on and clung on to Lucy for dear life. I love you sooooo much and miss you lots.  
Love Shatzi (Kirsten)  

To Mummy & Daddy, 
Missing you loads- don’t be missing me-enjoy it while lasts! I’m in a room with Sylvie, Laura, Emily, Izzy and Kirsten! Yay!  
Love you. Love Jenny xxx 

To Mum, Dad, Gabe and Frazzle, 
I hope Fran is ok. I conquered All Aboard even though I cried the whole way through! I shared a room with Laura, Emily, Jenny, Kirsten and Izzy. Lots of love Sylvie 
P.S giant swing was EPIC!  

Yo mum and dad, 

PGL is so fun! I am in a room with james d, Ben b and Zak. I’m really missing your amazing cooking. Dad we need to play fort nite. 

From josh w 


I’m in a room with Eddie, violet and Anna.i’ve completed everything on my list and i’m So looking forward to seeing you all in Sunday. 

Love you 


Me and Katie came second on aeroball and we had to choose what World Cup country we wanted (France). I am in a dorm with Anna, Edie and Billie and in a day group with Katie, Emily, Sophie, Serine, Ellie, Maddi, Lewis, James D, Dominic and Josh W.  

I am having a great time (I loved fencing). I like the people in my dorm and I am fine. Hope the boys are good and don’t watch Holby without me. Poldark was gr8 on Sunday BTW 


To Mum and Dad and Jack, 

Having a great time without you... 
(Smiley winky face).  

From Ben B 

To Mum, Dad and Pitou, 
I’m having such a good time, the weather is so nice and I’ve been able do such great things. The disco was so cool. I hoped that Pan Pan is ok and that everything at home is good. The high ropes was scary and high, everything else was nice but a bit scary. I’m in a room with Alice, Jessica, Katie, Julia and Ella. The giant swing was so fast and high. I loved aeroball.  
See you soon  


To Mum and Dad 

I have a room with Josh W, Josh L, George, Ben B, Zak. I have done everything. My favourite was giant swing.  

James D  

To Mummy and Daddy, 

I hope you are cool, I am also. I went on a really tall swing and it was really scary. I also climbed to the top of a tall, thin, wobbly pole with Maddi and Sophie, then I fell off, but I was in a harness, so I am ok. The Saudi Arabia football game sounds good, I hope you enjoy it. The disco was really fun and I bought two pick and mixes with my money (and a bouncy ball) I wanted a teddy but I didn’t get it.  

Love from 

Hi parents,

I’m having such good time at PGL! I’m absolutely loving every activity we do and i’m giving everything my best. So far i’ve Completed every activity. I’ve especially enjoyed high ropes, it’s similar to Go Ape yet lots smaller.
I’ve also really liked my roommates tom, Luke, tom b, zain H and Marius.we’ve had so many late nights! I’m having a great time but also missing home a lot.i can’t wait until I come home.
See you tomorrow 
From Ian
P.s: happy birthday Clara

And last but not least - a message home from George, who somehow managed to avoid being called to type his up and then was too polite to mention it!!

Hi Mum and Dad
I’ve had a great time at PGL. All the fun activities have been really exciting. I’ve missed you all. The best bit was the high ropes   The food is also really nice with things like sausages, chicken nuggets etc. 
Can’t wait to see you. 

King Harry Lane, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 4HZ

01727 751930