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Prae Wood School Association (PWSA)

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If you have any questions or feedback, ideas for events, or would like to know more about what we do, please drop us an email.


**We support every class by providing £250 each for enrichment funding**  **We recently funded the purchase of a set of kindles for the library, as well as iPads and other technology**  **We donated £5000 towards the refurbishment of the school library and purchase of books**  ** EVERY child in the school benefits!**

PWSA Summer Fair 2016

PWSA Summer Fair 2015

The PWSA Committee

  • Chair - vacant
  • Secretary - Fiona Forster
  • Treasurer - Claire Slim
  • 100 club coordinator - Andrew Todd

All parents are welcome to attend committee meetings, which are held every 4-6 weeks on various evenings, from 7:30pm.  Check your emails for further information.


Reports From AGM 2016

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Reports From AGM 2015

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Reports from AGM 2014

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Key Roles 

A key role of the PWSA Class rep is helping to organise the class stall for the summer and Christmas Fair, and Fundraising Friday's. This requires a rota of volunteer parent helpers to run the stall to be drawn up. Also, it is necessary to check that everything required to run the stall is available before the day. The class reps are key in informing other parent’s information /ideas/questions from the organising committee, and also feeding questions/concerns back to the organisers. On the day of the fair, the reps usually take a lead role in setting up/checking tidy up.
> Class reps may also attend the PWSA committee meetings and join in the sub-committees to organise the different events through the year (as can everyone else!).
>Another (optional) duty may be organising thank you collections for the class teachers at Christmas and at the end of the year.

Match Funding


As your child joins Prae Wood, so you become a member of the PWSA.

We run some fantastic events throughout the year for children and parents, and aim to raise money and have some fun.


It takes a lot of effort to do all this, so we ask all parents to play a role.  Whether you are a pro at planning, fab at face painting, super at shopping or able to attend our meetings we need your skills and enthusiasm.

Keep an eye on your emails and we'll keep you updated on all that we are doing, and please drop us line with ways in which you can help- or catch one of us in the playground....


Support the PWSA 100 Club

A lucky number costs just £12 for the whole year, and enters you into a monthly draw, with half of that money going directly to the PWSA, and half being awarded in prizes.  The numbers are drawn monthly and winnings are split between 3 lucky individuals. 

You can pay by cheque, cash or direct debit.

To download the 100 Club form, click here


 Information on Becoming a Class Rep

 Being a class rep is a great opportunity to get to know the parents and their children within your child's class and to support your child's school in a fun and informal way. 
> The class rep has the opportunity to:
> Attend PWSA meetings

> Coordinate collections for various events

> Arrange social gatherings

> Organise School events, collate volunteers, donations etc.

> To be a point of contact for teachers, parents and PWSA members.

> Each class rep will bring their own personality and style to the role and it is a great liaison opportunity for those wanting to get involved in a low key, fun way with their child's school!

Information on Being a Class Helper

Being a class rep has been great fun so far!

It has mainly involved rallying help to run school events (e.g. lending a hand on a stall for 30 mins), or organising hampers as raffle prizes, but most importantly it's been about getting the class mums together for nights or coffee out so we get some fun as well as the kids! 

I've lent a hand at a few events, either tidying up, running the bar or a stall with other parents for 30 mins. It's amazing how easy and fun it is when there are a few helpers - it really doesn't take much time or energy and is such a benefit to the school.

Nina Breunung-Joshi - Class Representative and PWSA Committee Member

  • Attend monthly 1 hour evening PWSA meetings at school to discuss events and issues
  • Engage the parents in the school community spirit!
  • Keep the class informed of events and get them involved
  • Rally and coordinate volunteers for events/class stalls
  • Being the go-to-person for any school issues/classroom issues for parents and staff
  • Help with collections and donations

I am a Class Representative and enjoy this role very much as I engage and get to know the parents and children as well as representatives from other classes and school staff. Being able to make a difference to the school and our children by supporting the PWSA is immensely rewarding and fun.  Despite being at work full time with two small children, I am able to do this with the help from the supportive PWSA team and other parents and spend at most 1 hour per week, either attending a meeting or writing emails.

Please get involved to help the PWSA to make the school an even better place for our children, where they can learn, have fun and make friends!

PWSA Secretary

I attend the PWSA committee meetings and help make decisions on how to support the school with the funds raised each year.

I am a member of the 100 club which involves an upfront fee for your ball(s) for the year with the opportunity to win some money back each month.

I lend my large extension lead for big events for the Fair teams to use.

As class rep, I help disseminate information from the PWSA committee meetings to the parents of Yr4.

I man the class stall for half an hour at the summer and Christmas Fair.

As the PWSA secretary, I check the PWSA email address a few times a week and respond to any queries or forward them on to the relevant committee member.  I also send out the regular emails to all parents of the school notifying them of upcoming events.

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Every event you support or attend contributes towards our fundraising- THANK YOU!

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