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Year 1 - Beech Class



Our class teacher is Mrs Chapman

and our teaching assistants are Mrs Storey-Brown and Mrs Geldard.

Our class reps for the year are as follows;

PWSA - Nina and Alexander

Eco warriors - Imogen and Elliot

Sports Ambassadors - Oscar and Katharine

School Council - William and Eva

Our topic this half term is 'Africa' and we are looking closely at the countries of Uganda and Kenya. On Tuesday we met Sophie who had spent a month working in Uganda for the charity 'East African Playgrounds' and is now working for the charity 'Hope for Children' who also work in Africa.

Sophie explained what it was like to live in Uganda  and how the living conditions are very different to this country. We learned that it is very hot in Uganda, that animals are not fenced in and roam freely such as cows, goats and even lions! It was quite a shock to realise that the children at the school where Sophie worked had to get up at 6am every morning and didn't have computers, carpet or even choosing time in the classrooms.

After Sophie's talk we learned an African chant and joined in an African ring game. We coloured in Ugandan flags, looked at African artefacts and made a collage to show the geographical features of Uganda and its capital city, Kampala. It was a really fun day and we are looking forward to learning more about life in Africa.

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