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 Welcome to Larch Class



Our class teacher is Miss Clarke and our teaching assistant is Mrs Hewitt

Mrs Velasco, Miss Sturgess and Mrs Lodge will also work with us in groups.


  This half term our topic is Geographical Skills and the Local Area. For our immersion, we looked at a variety of activities. We started by trying to draw a birds eye view of our school, followed by matching ordnance symbols with what they represent. We then looked at a map of St.Albans and used the map to work out places we have been to. After that we discussed what the word county means. We used atlases of the UK to identify as many counties as possible. 


In science we are continuing to look at plants. Last half term we explored what plants needed to grow, and this half term we will start to explore how water travels through the plants. We will also be looking in more depth at the different parts of a plant. 

On the last day of Summer A, we visited the Roman Museum and the Hypocaust in St. Albans. On our walk down we followed the Roman wall and stopped at each sign to discuss what we would see. When we were inside the museum, we used booklets to find out as much as possible in our groups. After that, we went to the Hypocaust and created detailed drawings in our sketch books. Here are some pictures of our trip.

King Harry Lane, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 4HZ

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