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Year 4 - Blackthorn Class



Our teacher is Ms Charsley


Our topic this half term is called.......

Kings and Queens of England


Our topic this half-term is Kings and Queens of England. We are very excited about our new topic and already know quite a lot! Miss Adams asked us to write down what we already knew.


Blackthorn Class know:

King Henry VIII had six wives.

Queen Elizabeth was his daughter 

King John was unpopular because he was greedy and unpleasant, and he had to sign the Magna Carta. That meant he had to listen to the opinion of others when he ruled!


Blackthorn Class would like to know:

 Why did Henry VIII want sons so badly?

Why did Queen Elizabeth I wear white make up?

Why did King Charles I have his head cut off?


During our immersion activity we were given  border roll to create a timeline of the kings and queens from what  we already know. Some of us knew that King William I reigned between 1066 until he died in 1087. We were then given more information about different kings and queens and we used it to create a more complete timeline.


We are very excited about kings and queens, especially The Tudors and Queen Victoria as we recognised some of their stories and want to find out more!


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