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Year 4 - Blackthorn Class



Our teacher is Ms Charsley and our teaching assistant is Mrs Field.


Our topic this half term is called

'Lands End to John O'Groats'


 Our Immersion

During our immersion activity, we discussed what we already knew about the United Kingdom, and we worked in groups to see if we could locate some of the cities on a map. We also worked together to locate the countries, capital cities, seas and oceans surrounding the UK. We developed our understanding by using atlases. For a quiz in teams, we matched pictures of famous landmarks to names. Some of us had visited some of these, for example Stonehenge, and some of us shared information about them too! Here are some of the things we already know:


That Lands End is the furthest point that you can travel in England. 


That England is the largest country in the UK. 


Britain is an island. 


That four countries make up the UK. 


We shared our ideas and wrote down some questions to research during our lessons. For example: 


What is the population of Scotland? 


What languages can we find around the UK?


What are the Kelpies and where are they located?


What is the longest river in the UK?


In maths, we started our Autumn term by considering different ways of thinking about numbers. Here we are  building numbers and regrouping to show them in different ways.


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