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Welcome to acacia class


Staff working in our class are Miss Adams (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) 

Mrs Lodge (Thursday) 

Mrs Paine (PE Wednesday Pm) 

Mrs Pendred and Mrs Tinkler (Tuesday French and Music Pm) 

This half term our topic is..... The Rainforest

Rainforest Immersion

During our immersion activity, Miss Adams asked us what we already knew about different rainforests in the world. We created mind maps and worked with out learning partner to create and research our questions. 


We then worked with our group to discover more about the different rainforests of the world. We learnt lots of different facts and then completed a quiz! We did really well! 


Finally, we chose an animal that lives in the rainforest. We researched it with our learning partner and then created the animal from clay. Have a look at our creations below:


From our immersion we already know:

  • A range of animals that live in the rainforest.
  • That there are different layers.
  • That there are different rainforests within the world.


So we have decided as a class that we want to find out and do the following:

  • Identify areas of the world which contain rainforests.
  • Describe the key aspects of a tropical climate.
  • Describe and understand the layers of the rainforest.
  • Explore the different animals and plants within the rainforest.
  • Discuss the effects humans have on the rainforest through debate.  

Some questions we would like to find out the answer to are: 

Who came up with the names for the different rainforests? (Sloane) 

Why do we cut the trees down in the rainforest? (Noah) 

When was the first rainforest discovered and by who? (Shaan and Tommy) 

What was the first rainforest called? (Aurelia) 

How many different species live in the rainforest? (George) 

How many rainforests are there in the world? (Felicity) 

Why is the rain warm withing the rainforest? (Beatrice) 


During STEM Week, (science, technology, engineering and maths) we completed lots of different activities. 

Miss Adams set us a Lego building challenge. We designed and made animals, sculptures, buildings and famous landmarks. 

We also were given kits without instructions. We made some great designs! 

This week we have used our technology skills to create zipwires for mini-figures, pairs of glasses for the teachers and boats from a range of materials. 

We also created Lego comic strips and designed our own mini-figures. 

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