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Spruce Class




 Our class teacher is Tom Pugh our teaching assistant is Clare Mooney



This half term, our topic is



 We've had a great start to Year 5! For our immersion, we researched the 9 biomes

uncovering the different features and characteristics that make them so diverse.

Once we knew more about each biome, we were able to create our own 'Biomes in a

bag' by experimenting with different soil types, seed types and changing the volume

of water. Now our Biomes are sealed and we're excited to see how life develops inside

the different environments! 


Now we're excited to find out...


why scientists disagree about how many biomes there are 

why different animals and plants live in different biomes

what impact humans have on biomes

which biomes are the largest and smallest

if the climate ever changes in a biome

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