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Our class teachers are Louise Collinge and Rebecca Cohen and our teaching assistant is Clare Mooney.

TOPIC: California

This half term our geography topic is California.


From our immersion, we have discovered that some children already know that:


  • California is a state in the U.S.A
  • it contains some famous cities and landmarks such as Disneyland, Los Angeles and the Golden Gate Bridge
  • California has a warm climate and lots of beaches
  • Earthquakes can happen there 


So we have decided as a class that we want to find out:


  • how natural disasters - such as earthquakes - are caused
  • who lived in California before the European settlers arrived
  • why there is a time difference between different parts of U.S.A
  • what the most important landmarks and cities in California are and why


As part of our topic, we split up into groups to create a giant map of California. We researched the human and physical geography of our regions and included what we found out on our maps. Have a look below to see how we got on!


The children have had an exciting week exploring science, technology, engineering and maths. Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed the parent workshops and assemblies, as well as the puzzle and Lego activities.

In class, Year 5 have had the opportunity to design and make a Ferris wheel out of lolly sticks, inspired by our class book The London Eye Mystery.

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