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Community Events & Family Resources

Please also visit our WELL-BEING PAGE for further advice and resources 

We receive several notices, advertisements and invitations to events run in the local community. These are not run by the school and we do not take any role in the administration of such events, but we release them to parents for you to peruse at your leisure. We cannot assume responsibility for the events, nor can we endorse the events or activities.

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Free School Meals

1. From April 2018, the criteria used to determine free school meals entitlement was changed to reflect the introduction of universal credit and the phasing out of other benefits.

2. All pupils in receipt of free school meals from Sunday 1st April 2018 will, assuming they are still in education, be entitled to receive a free school meal until universal credit is fully rolled out in 2022, and then until the end of their phase of education. Those already in receipt of a free school meal will continue to receive a free school meal.   

For information about Free School Meals either click here, or visit


Extended Childcare

Breakfast Clubs run every day, from 7:30am. Your child should arrive by 8:15 if they wish to have breakfast.

We provide after school childcare onsite at RASCals (Redwood After School Club)  from 3:15-6:00pm

Our clubs are run by our fully qualified staff. Please make bookings via School Gateway.

 Holiday Activities 

Holiday camp information is published as we receive it. Please check back regularly to read what providers have sent to us.

Perform in the Park: This summer, we will be launching Perform in the Park, London's first ever Festival of Children's Theatre in Coram's Fields, Bloomsbury. We will have a full programme of shows for 2-14 year olds running with live performances all day everyday from 22nd July with The Three Billy Goats Gruff for 2-7s, Elephant & Piggies for 3-8s, Mermaids & Pirates for 4-11s and The Dream based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream for 7-14s. 

MIGHTY NETBALL: Morning sessions are targeted at younger children who are initially learning netball through play-based games. Afternoon sessions are tailored to older children who are mastering skills and learning more technical content through key practices to benefit match play.
Our experienced coaches are expert at providing a fun and inclusive environment where much learning and development can happen in both age groups.

Here is the link to book netball skills sessions which is also on the flyers -

Health Advice for families and young people

Information for parents and carers from Professor Jim McManus, Director of Public Health regarding Coronavirus

Social distancing and taking basic hygiene precautions remains the best way to reduce the chances of spreading any virus: sneeze or cough into a tissue, bin it, wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face unless you’ve just washed your hands.  Using a normal detergent to clean the surfaces people touch regularly like door handles and lift buttons is also sensible.

Please visit for the most up to date government advice

Scarlet Fever

Please click here for more information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding Scarlett Fever and GAS

There has been an increase in cases reported nationally of Scarlett Fever and iGAS (invasive group A streptococcal) cases.

Signs and Symptoms
Scarlet fever is a common childhood infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes, or group A streptococcus (GAS). The early symptoms of scarlet fever include sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting.
After 12 to 48 hours the characteristic red, pinhead rash develops, typically first appearing on the chest and stomach, then rapidly spreading to other parts of the body, and giving the skin a sandpaper-like texture.
The scarlet rash may be harder to spot on darker skin, although the 'sandpaper' feel should be present. Patients typically have flushed cheeks and pallor around the mouth. This may be accompanied by a ‘strawberry tongue’. As the child improves peeling of the skin can occur.

Infection Advice
Infections can be spread through direct physical contact between children and through shared contact. Good hygiene practice such as hand washing remains the most important step in preventing and controlling the spread of infection to others.
Children with suspected Scarlet Fever should be kept at home from nursery/school for 24 hours after commencement of antibiotic treatment.

Winter vaccinations update for parents and carers of young children

If a child misses a school session, either because they were off on the day of visit or they are not attending school for any reason, parents/carers should be advised to contact the CSAIS provider directly to arrange for vaccination in a scheduled community clinic.

Any child or young person who is in a clinical risk group is eligible to get the flu vaccination at their GP practice and should be advised to contact their GP directly.

Visits to secondary schools have been provisionally scheduled for later in the year pending vaccine supply.

Contact details for CSAIS providers to be shared with parents/carers to access flu vaccination for 4-10 year olds:

Hertfordshire: 0300 555 5055- option 1, or email or on 01462 427008 email:

All two and three year olds, not in a clinically at-risk group (born on or after 1 September 2018 and on or before 31 August 2020) should also be advised to contact their GP practice for their flu vaccination.


Winter Health Update – January 2023

From Geraldine Bruce, Head of Health Protection, Hertfordshire Public Health

As children return to schools and childcare settings, we expect to see many more cases of flu,
COVID-19 and other infections that affect children’s breathing (known as ‘respiratory infections’).
There also continue to be high numbers of scarlet fever cases, which can spread quickly, but can be
easily treated with antibiotics. To help us through this term, this leaflet has five simple steps we can
take to protect children, minimise the spread of illness in schools and childcare settings and protect
1. Stay home if unwell
Infections can spread quickly in schools and other childcare settings. If your child is unwell and has a
fever they should stay home from school or nursery until they feel better and their fever has gone.
Adults should try to stay home when unwell and consider wearing a face covering to protect others
if you do have to go out. Don’t visit people in hospitals or care homes if you have a fever, a cold or
symptoms of a stomach upset.
2. Keep hands clean
It is important to help children understand that keeping hands clean can stop bugs from spreading.
Help your child wash their hands regularly at home with soap and warm water. More information
3. Catch coughs and sneezes
Catching coughs and sneezes in tissues then binning them is a simple way to help stop illness from
spreading. Keeping rooms well ventilated will also help prevent the spread of winter illness.
4. Get vaccinated if you’re eligible
Now is a good time to check your you and your family’s vaccinations are all up to date. If you are
unsure your child has had all their routine vaccinations, you can check their personal health record
(Red Book) or ask your GP. You can also check the childhood immunisation schedule online here
And it’s not too late to get the free NHS flu jab or nasal spray this year if anyone in your family is
eligible. The NHS will be contacting parents of children who have not yet had their flu immunisation.
Flu nasal spray clinics are still taking place in some schools this month, or for children aged 2-3,
please contact your GP to arrange an appointment.
5. Be scarlet fever aware
Call your GP for advice if you think your child has scarlet fever. More information about scarlet fever
can be found on the NHS website:
If you are concerned about a rash that your child has, advice is available here:
Further updates and resources can be found here:

Next Steps -  Primary and Secondary School Information

Visit for ideas that will help you and your child get ready for school

South West Herts Schools Consortium Testing Information to Schools and Parents for Secondary Transfer 2024

The South West Herts Consortium schools are:

  • Croxley Danes School (Music aptitude only)
  • Parmiter's School
  • Queens’ School
  • Rickmansworth School
  • St Clement Danes School
  • Watford Grammar School for Boys
  • Watford Grammar School for Girls


Should you wish to apply, the academic testing for these schools for September 2023 admissions will take place in September 2022.  Parents will be asked to register their child with the Consortium before Friday 16th June 2023.  The best way to do this is via the SW Herts Admissions Consortium website or click here for details

Hertfordshire County Council’s admission arrangements for 2023/24 were determined at Cabinet on 21 February 2022. The arrangements are now published on their website at the following link: 

Hertfordshire County Council's school admission arrangements for 2023/24

St Columba’s College  

St Columba’s College School is a co-ed Independent Catholic day school in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and we welcome children of all faiths and those of no particular persuasion.  In 2021, girls joined the Lower Sixth Form and this year girls were also welcomed into Year 7. This will be followed by a phased transition, which will eventually see St Columba’s offering its unique holistic education to both boys and girls from ages 11-18.

Families can register  by going to the 'Visit Us' page on our website, clicking  on  ‘Whole School Open Morning’ and completing the online registration form, or contacting .

Old  London Road Pre school runs from Riverside Road in St Albans has vacancies for children aged 2 -5 . Please contact Janet Audley Charles for details on 01727 865 249 or

With the new Academic year approaching, this is the perfect time to find out the travel options that are available.

Arriva would like to take the opportunity to inform you about our Direct Debit payment scheme for Student & Child Scholar Saver tickets, which is a cost effective and flexible way of paying for travel costs.

Unlimited Travel – Your child will get unlimited access to travel on any Arriva bus, at any time, across all routes in your chosen area.

No Restrictions - The Saver tickets will cover travel to and from School, evenings, weekends and throughout the holidays too at any time of the day.

Flexible Payments - Arriva’s Direct Debit scheme allows you to spread the cost of your ticket over affordable monthly payments. It’s an easy way to pay for travel and there’s no contract involved, making it an ideal way to get reduced bus travel for the whole Academic year, without paying upfront.

Sign up in advance – Either set your direct debit a future date for when you need the ticket or, you can start your ticket now to get used to the local bus routes

Plan your journey – Please use our ‘Plan a journey’ tool on our website to work out which bus you require

It’s a simple process to apply, to arrange your Direct Debit please visit the website below and, select the region your child’s school is in

Once registered you can select either to receive your monthly pass by post or sent to your mobile phone. This ticket will rollover every month for as long as the direct debit remains active.

If you have questions regarding the scheme, please email:

*Our tickets do not cover Arriva London/TFL routes

Local Events, Resources and Activities

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The Great Harpenden Orchestra Day!

Does your child play an orchestral musical instrument?

Join us at Sir John Lawes School  for a fun-filled day of music making!

Develop your musical skills, play together in an ensemble, build confidence, make new friends, find your musical voice and generally have a great time! The day will culminate in a performance for parents at the school, helping us to develop our performing skills too. 

All primary aged players are welcome to attend this wonderful event.  All abilities and skill levels welcomed from beginners upwards.

Please note, this event takes place during school time - please obtain permission from your child's head teacher to attend the day.

Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis so sign up quickly to avoid disappointment!

To join us, please book at

If you have any queries, please email us on or visit

Join Keech Hospice Care for a feel-good Sunday morning! Walk, jog or run your way around the family-friendly 5km course while being showered with different coloured powder at colour stations along the way!

Get the entire family together for a colourful morning! Start the course in your plain white t-shirts and cross the finish line together looking like you’ve walked through a rainbow!

Tickets from just £10, so sign up today and give the family something to look forward to this summer!

St Albans Cathedral, we welcomed the launch of our Threads through Creation Exhibition which will be on display until 11th June.  Created by Jacqui Parkinson these huge textile panels, retell the creation story in the book of Genesis which treats visitors to a wide variety of colours, shapes and creation

 Foodies Festival festival debut at Oaklands, St Albans over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June, 30% ticket discount code so that you are able to get a 30% discount off tickets for your family and friends.

Taste outstanding local street food while watching MasterChef Champion Tom Rhodes as well as Great British Bake Off winner Syabira Yusoff and finalist Crystelle Pereira cooking live in the Chefs' theatre. Or dance the night away with huge musical headline acts, including Natalie Imbruglia and Scouting for Girls

How to claim your 30% discount:

  1. Follow the ticket link by clicking here.
  2. Select which date you'd like to attend.
  3. Enter the code 'Foodies30'
  4. Select your preferred ticket type.

Music, Drama and Dance

Does your child play the Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone,
French Horn, Tuba, Bassoon, Recorder, Euphonium, Cornet, Tenor Horn?

Join us at St Albans Music School for a fun-filled day of music making on 07 February

Develop your musical skills, play together in an ensemble, build confidence, make
new friends, find your musical voice, and generally have a great time! The day will
culminate in a performance for parents at the school, helping us to develop our
performing skills too.

All primary aged wind players are welcome to attend this wonderful event.
All abilities and skill levels welcomed from beginners upwards. The tickets will be
£24.54 per child.

Please note, this event takes place during school time at St Albans Music School -
please obtain permission from your child's head teacher to attend the day.
St Albans Music School is based at Townsend School, High Oaks, St Albans AL3 6DR.

Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis so sign up quickly to
avoid disappointment!

To join us, please visit
If you have any queries, please email: or visit


Two Exciting Musical Groups for Absolute Beginners at St Albans Music School

St Albans Music School, based at Townsend CE School, St Albans, will be running two affordable first access groups this term:

Brass Cubs

try out a brass instrument in a group setting

Fridays 5:00 – 5:45pm

Starting on Friday 30th September

£43 for full term

Suitable for Year 4 – 6 pupils

Ukulele Banditos

learn the ukulele from scratch

Tuesdays 4:20 – 4:50pm

Starting on Tuesday 4th October

£26 for full term

Suitable for Year 2 – Year 5 pupils

Both groups include free loan of an instrument for the group and have limited places – first come first serve basis.

How to Join:

  1. Visit 
  2. Choose ‘sign up for music lessons 
  3. Scroll down to ‘Browse Music Lessons and Activities 
  4. Selected school should be ‘St Albans Music School’  
  5. Choose ‘Ensembles 
  6. Click on St Albans Music School Ensembles 
  7. Choose Ukulele Banditos (4th down) / Brass Cubs (5th from bottom)  and ‘Add to Basket 
  8. Fill in the full details to complete registration. 
  9. If you already have an account with us, you will then get the opportunity to login with your existing information 


We look forward to seeing you there!  If you have any queries, please get in touch at .

What’s On at St Albans Music School?

7.00-8.00pm - SAMS Rock School
7.00–9.00pm – West Herts Youth Music Theatre 


Orchestral Strings Groups
4.00-4.45pm - String Stars! (Strings Players Open Strings to Grade 1)
4.45–5.45pm – Junior Strings (Strings Players Grades 2-4)
4.45–5.45pm – Intermediate Strings (Strings Players Grades 4-6)
Ukulele Groups
4.20-4.50pm - Ukulele Banditos (Absolute Beginners)
4.50–5.20pm – Ukulele Bandits (Experts of Three Chords +)
St Albans Area Orchestra
6.15–8.15pm – Philomusica St Albans

4.30–5.30pm – Flutarama (Flute Players Grades 1-8) 
5.00-5.45pm - Wind Stars (Absolute Beginner Woodwind Players)
5.30-6.30pm - Junior Wind Band (Wind Players 5 Notes to Grade 1/2)
6.00–7.00pm – Wind Warriors (wind players Grades 2-5+)

5.45–6.30pm – Music Theory
6.30–7.30pm – St Albans Jazz Collective: Birdland Band (Grades 1-5)
8.00–9.15pm – St Albans Jazz Collective: Vanguard Band (Grades 5+)

5.00-5.45pm - Brass Cubs (Absolute Beginner Brass players)

10.00–10.45am – Music and Movement: Dalcroze Eurythmics
10.00–11.00am – Rock School
2.15–4.00pm – West Herts Children's Music Theatre
Afternoon (various times) - Suzuki Groups

Message for all wind and brass players and their parents/carers.

Would your child like to develop their musical skills, play in a group, build confidence and make new friends? Come along for a free trial to see what you think.

Junior Wind Band

  • Fridays, 4.30–5.15pm.
  • Any wind or brass players, up to Grade 2 standard (able to play 3 notes - join after just three lessons of playing!)
  • For younger wind and brass players, playing lovely music together and building ensemble skills.
  • A chance to develop your technique, build confidence and have fun!

Wind Warriors

  • Wednesdays, 6.00–7.00pm.
  • Any wind or brass players Grades 2-4 standard
  • We play all sorts of music, develop our ensemble skills and generally have great fun!


  • Thursdays, 6.30-7.30pm.
  • Any wind or brass players Grades 1-5 standard, but this is differentiated by learning simple melodies and playing around with them using different techniques.
  • Part of the St Albans Jazz Collective, this group focusses on jazz/improvisation. Something different to try, especially if you like playing by ear!


  • Wednesdays, 4.30-5.30pm
  • All flute players who are Grade 1 and above
  • We play various styles of music, from classical to jazz, aiming to build player ability and confidence in an ensemble situation.

Sign up for a free trial, by following the link here:

St Albans Music School Groups - Sign up for a Trial!

Or visiting and for more information. Please note these groups take place at St Albans Music School, based at Townsend School, High Oaks, St Albans AL3 6DR.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch with us at

St Albans Cathedral Girls Choir is looking to recruit some new choristers to begin in September 2023. We’ll be holding auditions in the Spring, and we are particularly looking for girls in current Year 3 to join (i.e. to begin when they start Year 4). 

 We will be holding a ‘Be a Chorister for a Day’ event on Saturday 28 January, for girls aged 7-9. There are a limited number of spaces available, and further details are available on the cathedral website:

 There are also opportunities for boys to audition for St Albans Cathedral Choir – for further details we ask that parents please contact .

Tom Winpenny, Assistant Master of the Music and Director of the Girls Choir

01727 890275

St Albans Cathedral | Sumpter Yard, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 1BY

Shrine to Britain’s First Saint, Alban

Free Trial Session and £40 discount at Perform

Popular children's drama and dance school Perform is offering a Free Trial Session and a special introductory discount of £40 for members of Prae Wood Primary School if they sign up by Saturday 23rd September. Parents should quote PWPF230923 when they book their free session by going to or calling 020 7255 9120.

You can find out more about the classes at Alternatively, pdf flyers can be downloaded from here.

The nearest classes to Prae Wood Primary School are as follows (please click for a map and further details):

Perform St Albans (Drama for 4-7s)
(0.8 miles)
Mondays at 4pm

St Michael's Memorial Hall
Branch Road,


Perform St Albans (Drama for 4-7s)
(1.4 miles)
Fridays at 4pm

St Alban And St Stephen Roman Catholic Church
14 Beaconsfield Road,


Perform St Albans (Drama for 7-12s)
(1.4 miles)
Fridays at 5.05pm

St Alban And St Stephen Roman Catholic Church
14 Beaconsfield Road,


Perform St Albans (Drama for 4-7s)
(2 miles)
Saturdays at 9.30am and 11.15am

Fleetville Junior School
228, Hatfield Road,


Perform St Albans (Drama for 7-12s)
(2 miles)
Saturdays at 2pm

Fleetville Junior School
228, Hatfield Road,

There are others too. Click to find all the nearest here or view a list of all areas.

Herts Inclusive Theatre run inclusive theatre workshops each term on a Tuesday evening in Borehamwood at Hertswood School from September 2022. It is a weekly group for young people aged 9 - 16 and particularly welcoming to those with a disability or special need.

Sporting clubs and events

Batchwood Tennis Centre

Hey girls!  We’re running absolute beginner girls-only intro to tennis. 

No racket? No problem, we’ll give you one. 

No t-shirt? No problem, we’ll give you one. 

No tennis balls? No problem, we’ll give you them too!

Just bring yourself, friends and your enthusiasm. We’d love to see you Batchwood

Starting on Tuesday 18th April and running for 6 weeks.  A follow up 6 weeks session will resume after half term May school holidays. 

345pm-430pm– Ages 4-7years 

12 spaces  Cost: £35.00

To book click on the link below:-

Girls Junior Cricket at OAs

Following a successful first full season of girls junior cricket at OAs which included the club’s first ever girls matches, having worked with Hertfordshire cricket to host a home U11s tournament at OAs and recently having 3 of our girls being selected for Hertfordshire County squads at U11 and U13 levels,  we are looking to further develop and expand the girls section at the club.

We will split the girls section into the following groups for the next season:

  1. U13+ section, playing in the Hertfordshire league with Old Albanians membership (hardball)
  2. U11 section, playing in the Hertfordshire league with Old Albanians membership (incrediball)
  3. U9 section will continue under the Dynamos initiative (softball) 

Winter nets will be arranged for the U13+ and U11 sections from January

We are seeking assistance of current members of Old Albanians to help “spread the word” about girls cricket at the club. Please could we ask you to share details with any friends and family with daughters as well as any social media/whatsapp groups (such as other sports club/school groups) who may be interested in joining any of the above age groups for the next season. They can get in touch with us on the below details for further information.

Tom Preest -

Alpesh Naik –

Mighty Netball provides fun, dynamic, non-competitive weekend activities for school children aged 5-11. Mighty Netball provides a fun sporting experience within a supportive environment for all children, regardless of their background, gender, sporting ability or personality type. We provice an opportunity to meet new friends, learn netball skills and experience all the benefits team sports brings. 

 Our invitation is for all pupils, from year 1 to year 6 to join one of our sessions for FREE.  They can come along, get active, meet our exceptional coaches and find out what we are all about.  Sessions are 45 minutes long and team a different topic from Netball each week.  No prior experience is necessary, our coaches are so welcoming and will take care of the children.


Other notices

Here for you – Winter Campaign

HCC have created a campaign called ‘here for you this winter’ to help inform Hertfordshire residents about the support that is on offer (locally and nationally) to help manage the rising cost-of-living and to stay safe and well this winter.


Eric Morecambe Centre, Harpenden.

Charlie Locke is a kind, funny and imaginative child who’s ready to share her thoughts with the world. But sometimes, confidence escapes her, and her thoughts go on great adventures before they are heard. Join Charlie and Brain as they navigate through primary school life, friendships and the beauty of finding a voice. Come, see and hear Charlie’s adventurous tale and her quest for confidence!

Produced by TSE Creative Productions and Solent University, this show is a great opportunity to introduce children to situations that they may face as they grow through pre-adolescence and into the tween years.

 More details about the production can be found on our website:




Theatre trips to London! Return coaches from Westminster Lodge. For further information email or search Facebook: Janet's Theatre Trips


Are you looking for a fun way for girls at your school between the ages of 6 to 8 years old to get involved with football outside school?

 Then look no further! Watford FC CSE Trust are running a Weetabix Wildcats every Friday. The sessions will take place at Watford FC Training Ground, Bell Lane, Shenley from 4.45pm to 5.30pm.

 So, what is Weetabix Wildcats?

Weetabix Wildcats is the place to be, everyone is super awesome; from the friends you’ll meet to The FA qualified coaches who deliver the sessions. It’s non-competitive football for girls who want to give it a go for the very first time or want to play with other girls their own age. The sessions will help:

  • Boast Confidence
  • Meet New Friends
  • Get Girls Active
  • Introduction into Football
  • Having Fun

 To book onto the session, please book via:

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Lou Barry on

Strive Drama have classes running in St Albans and Harpenden. For more information click here or visit or contact Suzie Moffat, Principal of Strive Drama on 07841 018333.

Greenwood Park Tennis Club. Check their website for more tennis info!

Ages 5-16 Football Training from Edge Academy

St Albans Cathedral Boys Choir

St Albans Cathedral is currently looking to recruit new boy choristers particularly from school years 3 and 4.


Boys applying to join the choir are not expected to be the finished article. We are looking for enthusiasm for singing, a clear sounding singing voice and the potential to develop that voice. Membership of the choir does require quite a commitment, especially at weekends and at the church festivals of Christmas and Easter. The reward for the child is the enjoyment and self-esteem that singing to an acknowledged high level brings, being part of a small team of like-minded children and a free musical education to a professional standard. The choristers form strong friendships, bond as a team and also have fun social events including singing on an international tour once every two years as well as on national TV and radio from time to time.

More information can be found at

Any interested parents wishing to obtain more information should email the Cathedral music department, Mrs Lizzie Birnie, at or ring 01717 890245 (Mon-Fri, 9-5).

Mrs Birnie will send them information and guide them through the application process, which is done by a simple vocal audition.

We also have a companion Cathedral Girls Choir of a similar age range, Information for joining that choir can also be found on the website.

St Albans Cathedral Girls Choir

Auditions for the Cathedral Girls Choir normally take place in the spring. They are open principally to any girl in Year 3 & 4 who love to sing, regardless of previous experience in a choir. After auditioning, girls normally begin at the start of Year 4. Occasionally there are vacancies for older girls, and vacancies can sometimes arise at other times in the year.


The choir’s director, Tom Winpenny, is always pleased to hear about potential applicants. To discuss an audition, or to find out more, please contact him c/o the Music Department, St Albans Cathedral: tel 01727 890245 and e-mail

Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools provide drama, dance and singing classes, for students aged 3 to 18 years.  Jigsaw aims to develop confidence, focus, articulation and communication skills through fun performing arts classes therefore supporting the work that they do at school.

The sessions are run by specialist tutors who are trained by Jigsaw Arts.  All teachers have an enhanced DBS check. 

Should you wish to find out more about Jigsaw  tel: 01727789441 or visit our website

Tales of the Road -The Highway Code for Young Road Users Tales of the Road (

How to check your child's helmet, bike, scooter, please see the following video from the Bikeability team.

Hertfordshire libraries are offering a new way to borrow books, Ready Reads.

Families can order books for their children and themselves using the online form and then collect from a selected library.

If you are unable to access online services, please contact them on 0300 123 4049. Some families have not felt able to visit the library for a while, this is an easy way to borrow. Also, the requests service is fully operational so for specific books these can be ordered through the catalogue and picked up in the same way.

You can find the latest information about Hertfordshire libraries re-opening plans and online services via their website here.

Salaried teacher training opportunities with Alban Federation School Direct is an initial teacher training programme based in schools as opposed to university. Although trainees are released one day a week most of the training is in school. The idea of School Direct is to give trainee teachers a more ‘hands-on’ teaching experience than traditional university based routes into teaching. There are two School Direct programmes offered; these are fee paying and salaried. Both routes award QTS at the end of the programme. Please click here for full details of the scheme, and visit 

Established in 2008, SAM Music School provides weekly live online music lessons for guitar, drum kit, piano and voice. They are Ofsted registered and deliver thousands of lessons every month and prices are on average around 25% cheaper compared with most LA music services, plus we accept Childcare Vouchers. For further details please click here

Code Club with <Think> Big. Workshops. Click here for more information.

OA's Girls rugby is growing from strength to strength, we currently have run 4 age groups; U11's (year 5 & 6), U13's (year 7 & 8), U15's (year 9 & 10) and U18's (year 11, 12 & 13), and are regarded as the no 1 girls rugby club in Hertfordshire with 9 girls representing Herts County U15’s, 2 in the Middlesex County U15’s and 16 in the Herts county u18 squad, we also have 5 girls who are in the Saracens U18 Centre of Excellence (Academy) and 2 of our girls are in the England U18 squad as well as 3 ex OA’s girls have progressed into the England U20 set up.


As players move up to new age groups, they leave holes to fill so we are always recruiting for new players who would like to try rugby, especially amongst the 5-13 year groups (U11-U18).

For more information click here

Mini Athletics classes for children aged walking to 7 years in the local area, click here for more information.

Age UK are looking for helpers to offer support with cleaning and shopping; suitable hours for a parent of school-age children.

Maternity and neonatal service user experience surveys

The Hertfordshire and West Essex Local Maternity and Neonatal System (which consists of Lister Hospital, Watford General Hospital and The Princess Alexandra Hospital) has produced two surveys to gather the feedback and experience of women/birthing people to help inform service development and improvements. These are ongoing surveys and results will be analysed on a monthly basis

 • Equality and Equity Black, Asian and Minority Support Survey

This survey gathers feedback from service users from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups in Hertfordshire and West Essex. This feedback will help us to provide a safer, more equitable service to all our families.

The survey link can be found here:

• How was your maternity care? survey

This survey gathers feedback of user’s experiences of maternity and neonatal care in Hertfordshire and West Essex. This will help us to develop and improve the service.

A link to the survey can be found here:

 Courses for Parents and Families

For further details on dates, or to book a workshop, please click here

Please click here for Summer Term newsletter.


The HCT Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners regularly run a variety of workshops focused on child and adolescent emotional wellbeing and mental health. Some workshops are for the parents/carers of primary school aged children and others are directed at adolescents although parents can also attend these. The workshops aim to provide support, guidance, some strategies and tips to support child and adolescent mental health. 

The workshops are free to attend and currently take place on Microsoft Teams. The workshops available can be found on the Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners Eventbrite page, where you can also find out more information about what the workshop will cover and book a place.

Please see below for available workshops.

Support for Parents/Carers caring for a loved one with an Eating Disorder

Skills for Parent & Carers of Children with Eating Disorders
First Steps ED are offering 4 week ‘Skills for Carers’ workshops, they are full of practical tips,
scenarios and case studies.
This series is designed to help carers develop self-reflective, care-giving skills to role model
confidence, compassion and courage. The aim is to offer attendees the knowledge and ability to be an important part of supporting a loved one.
Sessions are delivered online (via Zoom) over 4 weeks and following the first session, the team will close the group to ensure that the parents and carers in attendance can develop a positive peer group through the entire four-week programme.

These courses are Free of Charge.

To self-refer, visit

or contact for more information

Parenting Courses

What's available through your local Family Centre

If you feel you might need a little bit of extra parenting support, we can offer the following parenting courses over a variety of dates and times:

Families Feeling Safe – this is a 9 week course to help you to recognise and build on your own
strengths in communicating with others; understanding and managing your children’s behaviour; expressing feelings and making safe choices.

Family Toolkit - if you have children aged between 2 and 5 years old, this 4 week course will help you to understand the connection between feelings and behaviour, different elements of parenting and lots more.

Parenting Puzzle - for parents/carers with children aged 3 to 11 years. This course will enable you to understand how emotions can influence actions and offers practical ways of guiding children so that they learn to manage their feelings and control their own behaviour.

You can speak to a member of our team on 0300 123 7572 to find out if one of these courses would be helpful for you and your family. Take a look at our timetables on the What’s On pages for the latest dates.

Visit the Family Centre website to find out more

Steps2Skills – Courses for Hertfordshire adults and families

Step2Skills offers a range of courses for Hertfordshire residents. The full range can be browsed on their website at


Children's Wellbeing Practitioners workshop dates for January to March 2023.

Workshops are open to all young people and parents/carers of children and young people who attend a school or are registered to a GP in Hertfordshire. A referral is not needed to access a workshop.

All workshops are currently being delivered online via Microsoft Teams. For more information about what each workshop covers and to book a place onto a workshop, visit the Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner Eventbrite page:

To access the recorded Emotionally Based School Avoidance Webinar please visit:


VISTA Access to Family Support services for you and your children.pdf

Musical Opportunity for Ukrainian and Host Families
Invitations to attend a FREE Family Drumming Workshop, Monday 14th November 6-7pm at St Albans Music School, Townsend School, High Oaks, St Albans, AL3 6DR.
Get together with other Ukrainian families for an uplifting session of music-making. For ages 5+. No unaccompanied children. No experience necessary. All instruments will be provided.
Tickets are available: Ukrainian Family Music Workshop Tickets, Mon 14 Nov 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite
Please note, each family member requires a separate ticket.

Музична можливість для українських та приймаючих сімей
Запрошення відвідати БЕЗКОШТОВНИЙ семінар з сімейного барабанного мистецтва, понеділок, 14 листопада, 6-7 вечора в музичній школі Сент-Олбанс, школі Таунсенд, Хай-Оукс, Сент-Олбанс, AL3 6DR.
Зберіться разом з іншими українськими сім'ями на надихаючий сеанс музикування. Для віку 5+. Немає дітей без супроводу. Досвід не потрібен. Всі інструменти будуть забезпечені.

Квитки можна придбати: Ukrainian Family Music Workshop Tickets, Mon 14 Nov 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite
Зверніть увагу, кожному члену сім'ї потрібен окремий квиток.

Fran Wilson Life Coach is available to help children with confidence building, coping with transitions and developing positive mindsets. For more information please see her website:

Raise Resilience Course for parents/carers which is a 6 session online course fully funded by HCC, still have spaces available for the course starting on the 13th June.


Free 6 week course for parents and carers of children aged 2-19 years with a recognised additional need. Diagnosis is not essential.

Call 07512 709556 email

6 Free weekly sessions for fathers and male carers of children aged 0-19, conducted over ZOOM

Call 07512 709556 email

6 Free weekly sessions for parents and carers of children aged 0-12, conducted over ZOOM

Call 07512 709556 email

Sunny Kids Shine™ offer mindfulness and help make BIG feelings child size, supporting children to become a Feelings Detective, with parents, carers and professionals as their Emotional Coach.
Our unique Feelings Detective programme has been accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and we can support various areas of difficulty that children may be experiencing, including:
  • Anxiety, worries and fears
  • Anger/ difficulty managing behaviour
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Friendship issues
  • ASD, ADHD and Sensory Issues
  • Rigid negative mindset and more...

The aim of this training is to help parents, carers and family members to recognise when their young people are experiencing suicidal thoughts and provide next steps support, along with practical advice, information and signposting.

ADD-vance courses and support groups can be accessed by clicking here. These include a telephone helpline, private facebook page, free online courses, free online support groups, access to QbCheck to measure for 3 core sypmtoms of ADHD, family coaching service, help with EHCP applications or annual reviews and a list of funded courses.


SPACE Support Group meets the second Friday of the month, term time only. Click here for details

Spectrum Famillies and Young People's Service, Hertfordshire: a free and confidential service for young people under 18 and young adults up to 25, offering help and advice with challenges in everyday life. Click here for more information

You can also book a free support session with a member of the BeeZee Bodies wellbeing team. They are experts in engaging children with healthy eating and physical activity and can help you turn healthy efforts into healthy habits for life. Sign up for a free session on 

FREE a fun, family-focused masterclass on how to approach the topic of a healthy weight. Aimed at parents and carers of children who are above they healthy weight for their age. Get support from a team of Registered Nutritionists at BeeZee Bodies. Click above for for details.

My Baby's Brain Online Training Programme, a 3 step combined learning programme of webinars, e-learning and tutorials offering support to parents at the earliest opportunity. To find out more, please click here

Parent and Carer peer support facebook group A community peer support group for parents and carers supporting young people who are experiencing low mental health, emotional overwhelm or are in crisis. The group is for everyday support, and also for crisis moments when you may find yourself with your child at the GP or in A&E. Click here for more information and details about how to join

The OLLIE Foundation offer courses designed to support staff, students and parents over summer and into the new academic year. Please click here to find out more, or visit

Click here to review the document Looking after your mental health and wellbeing during Coronavirus Information for Children and Young People–Oct 2020 which lists many resources for children and families

An integrated Children and Young People’s Therapies Service Advice Line has recently been launched by The NHS Community Trust. This is for parents, carers and professionals who may have a concern about a child or young person and wish to discuss a potential  referral to either Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech & Language Therapy. Click here for further information

For all Natural Flair Coaching courses booking please phone

01992 446051 or visit

Potential Kids: Social Activities and Training for Neurodiverse Children (autism/adhd and related conditions), their Siblings and Families. Click here for more information

Potential Girls, a social meeting group on the first Tuesday of every month, starting on the 2nd October for girls age 12-18 with ADHD or on the Autistic Spectrum. For details click here

HAND News is a free online newsletter for parents and carers of children and young people (0-25 years) with additional needs and disabilities.
It has information about workshops for parents, community services for children and young people, support groups and much more.
Read all about it in HAND News

At any given time up to 40% of adults and 50% of children (this rises to 80% with a SEND diagnosis) have difficulties with their sleep. Yet in a recent survey, almost 60% of adults felt there was a lack of support for sleep issues. Sleep problems can leave people feeling isolated and lonely.


Our free helpline is run by trained sleep advisors, many of whom are specialists in working with SEND. We can talk to young people directly, or parents (we can also talk to adults, including older people, about their sleep issues).


The helpline is open 5 times a week, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings 7-9pm, and Wednesday mornings 9-11am. The number is 03303 530 541.


You can read more here:

Family Resources

ST ALBANS AND DISTRICT FOODBANK. There is a  NEW distribution centre at The Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre from Wednesday, 20th July 2022, from 13.00-15.00

At: Cottonmill Community Centre

12 Old Oak, Cottonmill Lane

St Albans, AL1 2EF

At several of our distribution centres on a regular basis we are now able to offer a CAB officer to talk with clients. At the moment they have been attending New Greens, London Colney and Harpenden distribution centres every two weeks.

We have now left St Stephen Church, Watling Street.

As a reminder our distribution centres are:

Monday Morning

The Vineyard Church

7 Brick Knoll Park, St Albans, AL1 5UG

10.00am- 12.00pm

Monday Afternoon

Redbourn Methodist Church,

North Common, AL37BU



Christchurch, New Greens

1.00pm – 3.00pm

3 High Oaks, St Albans; AL3 6DJ


Cottonmill Community Centre

12 Old Oak, Cottonmill Lane

St Albans, AL1 2EF



Hilldyke Community Centre

17 Hilldyke Road, Wheathampstead



Friday Morning

London Colney Parish Council

Caledon Community Centre, Caledon

Road, London Colney, AL2 1PU



Friday Afternoon

Crabtree Church-Harpenden

139 Crabtree Lane, Harpenden


1.00pm- 3.00pm


For more information click here for their website

You can contact the St Albans and District foodbank directly on: 01727 613019 option 1.

Or email:

We are currently running a project to increase our knowledge of our local community. If you represent an agency/charity/organization in your community please do get in touch with us: 

St Albans & District Household Support GrantCommunities 1st is working with St Albans and District Council to distribute Household Support Grants to people in need living in St Albans and surrounding districts.If you are aware of families or individuals in need, who would benefit from a one off grant to help with the cost of food and/or fuel, please encourage them to contact Communities 1st on 020 8207 5115 or email

Alternatively, they can apply directly here St Albans Household Support Grant Application

If you would benefit from the support of the Sopwell Community Trust, a local charity set up to help others during these unprecedented times, please email 

They can help you with food and toiletries parcels, catch up coaching and free device rentals and printing.

نحن هنا للمساعدة
ہم مدد کے لئے حاضر ہیں
আমরা এখানে সাহায্য করতে এসেছি
Zawsze jestem tu, aby pomóc
Please note if English is your second language we have Arabic, Polish, Sylheti and Urdu speaking volunteers/teachers available. 
To apply and/or learn more about all of these services email us here:

Following on from the recent flu season, Vaccination UK would really appreciate feedback from you on what they can do to improve for the next season.

Parent and Carer survey link:


School Nursing Service

You may not be aware that you can self-refer your child to the school nursing service. They can offer support and advice on topics such as relationships, eating, sleeping, behaviour, and feeling sad or angry. Text your school nurse on 07480635050 or look for an on line referral form on 

You can also seek advice for teenagers on

There is also an interactive website for children and parents

To access the document

'Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Services and Resources for Professionals and Families' please click here.

This document offers resources to access for support during the challenging times associated with tackling the Coronavirus pandemic 

Hertfordshire Family Centre Service: Supporting families, parents and carers
Family Centres are there to help with all aspects of life; from raising healthy, happy children to supporting with problems at home. They offer both universal and targeted services. The Family Centre Service is there to offer advice and guidance or to support families
during periods of difficulty. They offer targeted support through 1-1 and group packages of support, tailored to the needs of families. To find out more contact the Family Centre Service. Click here for more information about the support on offer, and how to contact them.

Free Service and Support for Families 
Did you know that Hertfordshire families can sign up here to access Hertfordshire’s Family Centres’ free services? 
Why should they sign up? 
• Access FREE fun family activities to do with their child and receive support when needed 
• Meet other local families with children the same age 
• Give their children the best start in life with support from trained professionals, qualified in Early Years development 
• Have their say and help us to shape future services 
• Receive their local district newsletter, packed with useful parenting advice and activities 
Don’t forget, you can access leaflets and other resources at Family centre professionals ( and where you’ll find this leaflet to print and share with families. 

NHS Childhood Winter Illness leaflet – knowing what to do.
Now we are in winter many children may be experiencing common illnesses like coughs and colds. We know that some parents and carers aren’t always sure what to do when their child is unwell. A new leaflet has been published to help  spot common winter illnesses and how they can treat children at home.
It is also important to know where to go for medical advice when  needed and what to do in an emergency. We understand this can be a little confusing during the coronavirus pandemic. We’d like to reassure parents that the NHS is still providing safe care when they need it.
As well as providing clarity on where to go for medical advice, there is a host of information in the leaflet from how to treat colds and earache at home, to how to spot serious conditions such as meningitis and sepsis. There is also information on coronavirus.

Online Safety UK are promoting the first ever Online Safety App in the UK for Parents & Educators. The links to the apps are below:

Google Play Store (or click the icon below):

iOS Appstore (or click the icon below):

It is completely free to use and Ad Free too.

Online Gaming Safety Advice for Parents and Carers
Online gaming can offer many positive experiences. It can give children and young people the chance to escape into a virtual world, to learn, and to connect with others.

However, there is a risk of children and young people viewing inappropriate content in games and being contacted by adults seeking to exploit them.

This week the activity pack for parents and carers to deliver to their children explores how they can stay safe while gaming: 






Thinkuknow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command. (Children Exploitation and Online Protection)

Since 2006, Thinkuknow has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Thinkuknow is unique. It is underpinned by the latest intelligence about child sex offending from CEOP Command.

Thinkuknow aims to ensure that everyone has access to this practical information – children, young people, their parents and carers and the professionals who work with them.

Young People’s Research Advisory Group

Aged 8-18 years? Live in Hertfordshire?

Interested in learning more about, and helping improve, research about children and young people’s health, care, family lives and the communities we live in?



  • Learn about research
  • Work with researchers and give them advice on how to make their research children and young people-friendly
  • Share ideas on what should be researched and how
  • Develop new skills, learn new things and meet new people
  • Have fun!


We meet about every 2 months, either online or at or near the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. When you apply to join, we’ll send you more information about our next meeting.


To find out more about us and apply to join click here: or email us at

Free School Meals

1. From April 2018, the criteria used to determine free school meals entitlement was changed to reflect the introduction of universal credit and the phasing out of other benefits.

2. All pupils in receipt of free school meals from Sunday 1st April 2018 will, assuming they are still in education, be entitled to receive a free school meal until universal credit is fully rolled out in 2022, and then until the end of their phase of education. Those already in receipt of a free school meal will continue to receive a free school meal.   

For information about Free School Meals either click here, or visit

School Nursing Team

Please see the attached poster that details the services that can be provided by the School Nursing Team. For further information please contact our SENDCO, Ms Louise Collinge on the main school number or email address.

Adult Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service is an NHS service based in Hertfordshire offering practical support and talking therapies to adults from 16 years onwards.  The service aims to support adults towards achieving better psychological health and well-being.  For further information please see:

Are you pregnant or have a child under four? Did you know you could be missing out on free fruit and vegetables or milk worth at least £220 a year?

If you are more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under four years old, and in receipt of certain benefits, you could be entitled to a Healthy Start prepaid card worth £4.25 per child per week, to spend on healthy food and milk.

If you are entitled to Healthy Start you will also get free vitamins designed to help pregnant and breastfeeding women and growing children.

Pregnant women and parents of children over one and under four years old can apply online for a new Healthy Start digital prepaid card which will be topped up every 4 weeks. Children under one year old can get £8.50 per week.

Check your eligibility on How to apply – Get help to buy food and milk (Healthy Start)

You can also use the benefit-checker on the County Council’s website, and access free information about benefits that you might be missing out on –

Local PCSO contact:

Matt Bennett PCSO
Police Community Support Officer
Neighbourhood Watch

Tel: 01707 354192

'No Idling Zones'; please do not leave your car engine running (idling) when dropping off /collecting children from school. Please be considerate to our children & adults  and SWITCH OFF your car engines.  


Chickenpox and Ibuprofen

Please do not give children Ibuprofen/Nurofen if they have chickenpox. 

This type of medication is an anti-inflammatory and it reacts with chickenpox making them go deeper into the skin tissue.

Nurofen is Ibuprofen based and the NHS website does state for children not to take Ibuprofen based products for chickenpox. It should also state this on all Nurofen bottles.

Scarlet Fever information from Public Health England

Click here for their fact sheet.

The symptoms of scarlet fever include a sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. This is followed by a fine red rash which typically first appears on the chest and stomach, rapidly spreading to other parts of the body. On more darkly-pigmented skin, the scarlet rash may be harder to spot, but it should feel like 'sandpaper'. The face can be flushed red but pale around the mouth.

 You can find more information on chickenpox and scarlet fever on NHS choices:

Sustainable St Albans has two thermal imaging cameras and it runs (free) information sessions showing residents how to use a Thermal Imaging Camera and what they see with it.  Residents in St Albans District can then borrow (again free) to see where heat is leaking from their houses. The information sessions have moved to Zoom and they have in place fully socially distanced arrangements for one resident to collect the camera outdoors from one volunteer.

Further information about the cameras and the project is available at