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Autumn Term 2019

Autumn A

Letter to parents, academic year 2019-20

Y2 Verulamium Park 11.09.19

Y2 Heartwood Forest 25.09.19

Y5 Kew

Y6 Buddhist

Y6 NCMP letter and on-line questionnaire

Y6 Basketball Festival

Cross Country 26.09.19

Football training, teams and matches

Allergy Awareness

Be Active Week

Football Match 03.10.19

Football Match 27.09.19

Y3 Egyptians Workshop

Maths Quiz 08.10.19

Football Match 04.10.19

Netball 09.10.19

Harvest Festival

Tag Rugby 17.10.19

2019-2020 Annual Payment letters for Trips, Visits and Workshops:









Football 23.10.19

Netball 22.10.19

Netball 16.10.19

Football 11.10.19

Y6 Additional Support - English

YN Seasonal Walk

Nasal Flu 09.12.19 - letter and form


New Menu - Autumn A & Spring Term

Parent Teacher Consultations, Autumn 2019

Netball 05.11.19

Cross Country 07.11.19

Football 15.11.19

Swimming Gala 23.11.19

YR School Nursing leaflet

Y1 Maternity cover arrangements

Y3 Maternity cover arrangements


Autumn B

Y5 Pre Historic

Football 14.11.19

Y4 Vikings workshop

Admin support request

U11s Table Tennis

Football 19.11.19

Football 22.11.19

DT Workshop 20.11.19

Foundation Stage Nativity- Nursery

Foundation Stage Nativity- Reception

National Anti-Bullying Week

Y6 Lincolnsfield 11.12.19

Singing Christmas Songs

YR Seasonal walk 26.11.19

EMS Challenge

Netball 21.11.19

Spring Term Y5&6 Swimming lessons

Y6 Additional Support invite - English

Amended Pabulum Menu

Internet Safety Letter

St Albans Cathedral & Abbey Christmas Service 03.12.19

Y6 Additional Support invite - Maths

Countdown to Christmas - dates and details

Woodwind Christmas Concert preparation

County Cross Country 01.02.20

Y3 Greek Workshop 15.01.20

Spring Term 2020

Spring A

Nasal Flu catch up sessions - January 2020

Y3 Greek workshop - 15.01.2020

Indoor Athletics training - 27 Jan and 10 Feb

Speed Stacking - 28 Jan

Y6 Humanities Quiz - 21 Jan

Relationship and Health Education for September 2020 and associated Guide

Football - Aboyne Lodge

Football - Garden Fields

SAPSMA - Choir

SAPSMA - Orchestra

Netball - St Bernadettes 4.2.20

Netball - Alban City 6.2.20

Y4 Whipsnade 24.02.2020

Y5 Saxon Workshop - 25.02.2020

Football - Aboyne Lodge 14.02.20

Cross Country St Columbus 25.02.20

Netball - GF 26.02.20

WOW Badge letter and form

Parent Teacher Consultation booking

Netball - Windermere 27.02.20

Netball - SJF 03.03.20

Football - Oakwood 03.03.30

Football - MPL 06.03.20

Y4 Rapid Fire Cricket 04.03.20

Y6 Netball Tournament 14.03.20

Basketball Final 19.03.20 - CANCELLED

Y5 Maths Challenge 16.03.20 - CANCELLED

Y6 Boosters


Spring B

Book Week letter

Coronavirus statement

Cross Country 12.03.20

Netball 18.03.20

Big Book Quiz 31.03.20

Y5 Mini Tennis Tournament 31.03.20

Y3 Swimming lessons - Summer Term

Y2 Scooter Training - 30.03.20

Quicksticks Hockey 24.03.20 - CANCELLED

Covid-19 Update 1

Important information- extended childcare

Covid-19 17.3.20

Covid-19 (2) 17.3.20

Covid-19 18.3.20

Covid-19 19.03.20

Letter to Y6 parents 19.03.20

Covid-19 20.3.20

YN Willow Class - Wk 5 Home Learning

YN Willow Class - Wk 6 Home Learning

Day care provision, week 2

Free School Meals provision

Home School Newsletter, week 1

Home Learning Survey

Home School Newsletter, week 2

Times Table Rockstars, Year 2

Reading Letter, Years N-3 including:

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Phase 3 Graphemes

Phase 5 Graphemes





Summer Term 2020

Summer A

Home Learning, Summer, Week 1 and

Prae Wood Family Home Learning Ideas

YN Willow Class - Wk 1 Home Learning ideas, Frog power point and Life Cycle of a Frog

YN Willow Class - Wk 2 Home learning ideas, Plant Power point and Plant Songs

Home Learning Newsletter, Summer A, Week 2 

YN Willow Class - Bedtime Story 1

YN Willow Class - Bedtime Story 2

YN Willow Class - Wk 3 Home learning ideas, Weather ppt, Number formation,  Number Rhymes and Big Pedal ppt

School Gateway Balances (credits)

Home Learning Newsletter, Week 3

Y6 PGL Refund 04.05.2020

YN Willow Class - Wk 4 Home learning ideas, Rainbow Fish ppt, Sharing a Shell story and Bright Stanley story

YN Willow Class - Bedtime Story 3

Update re Government Strategy 12.05.2020

YN Willow Class - Bedtime Story 4

YN Willow Class - Wk 5 Home learning ideas and Healthy eating and living ppt

YN Willow Class - Bedtime Story 5

Letter to YN, Y1, YR, Y6 parents/carers

Letter to Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 parents/carers 


Summer B

YN Willow Class - Wk 1 Home learning ideas, Types of Transport, Phonics, Sustfest 2020 and Prae Wood Family Home learning ideas

Trips and Enrichment Summer Term 2020

YN Willow Class - Wk 2 Home learning ideas, Transport ppt and The Train Journey Song

Newsletter, Summer B, Week 1

YN Willow Class - Wk 3 Home learning ideas, Different Diggers ppt and The Dazzling Digger story

Newsletter, Summer B, Week 2Newsletter, Summer B, Week 2.pdf

YN Willow Class - Wk 4 Home learning ideas, Boats ppt, Brilliant Boats story, Super Submarines story and Ordering numbers 1-10, 

Newsletter, Summer B, Week 3

YN Willow Class - Wk 5 Home learning ideas, YN Sports Week, FS/KS1 Sports ppt and Emergency story

Newsletter, Summer B, Week 4

YN Willow Class - Wk 6 Home learning ideas, Spreading my wings and Transport old and new ppt

YN Willow Class - Wk 7 Home learning ideas, Goodbye letter, Holiday fun activities and Mouse's Summer Muddle story

Newsletter, Summer B, Week 5

Newsletter, Summer B, Week 6

Booking Breakfast Club and RASCals for September- select your year groups

Year N and Year R

Year 1 and Y2

Years 3-6

Whole School return in September

End of term letter

Arrangements for the return to school in September:



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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