Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning

Letters to Parents 2022-23


Spring A

Y6 Choir - Royal Albert Hall 30.04.23

Y5 Choir - Royal Albert Hall info

SEN support meetings

Weekly email, Friday 13th January

Year 5 Swimming Lessons Spring Term

Girls Football vs Killigrew 30.01.23

Football A HOME vs SRA 23.01.23

Football B HOME vs SRA 27.01.23

Netball A HOME vs Fleetville 31.01.23

Netball A HOME vs GF 01.02.23

Netball B HOME vs GF 01.02.23

Football six a side Tournament 03.02.23

Y6 Maths Challenge 09.02.23

Y3 Natural History Museum 24.02.23

Weekly email, Friday 20th January

New menu Spring B

Y3 Greek Dip

Y5 Swimming, lightweight clothing requirement

PL Girls Football 07.02.23

Cross Country @ Mandeville 22.02.23

Football A AWAY vs SRA 23.02.23

Football B AWAY vs SRA 09.02.23

Football B HOME vs SASS 24.02.23

Football A HOME vs SRA 06.02.23

Football B HOME vs Killigrew 23.02.23

Y1 Change to morning routine

Weekly email, Friday 27th January

Y6 SATs booster lessons, maths and English

Y6 SATs booster lessons, maths

Home Learning Provision for NEU strike day

Netball A AWAY to AL 27.02.23

Y4 Rapid Fire Cricket 28.02.23

Girls Football AWAY vs SRA 01.03.23

Football A HOME vs Killigrew 03.03.23 

SAPSMA choir 

Weekly email, Friday 3rd February

Weekly email, Friday 10th February

Parent Teacher Consultations, Spring 2023

Y5 Anglo Saxon Workshop


Spring B

Weekly email, Friday 24th February

Book Week

Brain Buddies, Y4 Parent information evening

Football B AWAY vs Killigrew 13.3.23

Girls Tag Rugby Festival 28.3.23 

Cross Country GF 09.03.23

Girls Football AWAY vs Samuel Ryder 02.03.23

 Y5 Netball Tournament 21.03.23

Y4 High 5 Netball Tournament 29.03.23

TMSA Big Book Quiz 21.03.23

British Dodgeball Champs 23.03.23

Y5 Life Expo 24.03.23

Quicksticks Hockey Tournament 20.04.23

Quicksticks Hockey Festival 20.04.23

Y4 costumes for The Tudor Rose

Weekly email, Friday 10th March

Summer term clubs, letter to parents

Summer term clubs, timetable

Y2 Scooterbility training

Weekly email, Friday 17th March

Y1 Annual payment trips, visits, workshops

Y2 Annual payment trips, visits, workshops

Y3 Annual payment trips, visits, workshops

Y4 Annual payment trips, visits, workshops

Y5 Annual payment trips, visits, workshops

Y6 Annual payment trips, visits, workshops

Netball A HOME vs GF 30.03.23

Y4 Performance, The Tudor Rose - ticket booking

St Albans City Cup 04.05.23

Y5 six a side tournament 19.04.23

Y6 six a side tournament 26.04.23

REARRANGED Y5 Netball Tournament 24.04.23

Y3 Verulamium Museum 25.04.23

Y4 Swimming Lessons Summer Term 

Y4 School Games Tennis 02.05.23

Y3 Poetry Recital, tickets

Weekly email, Friday 24th March

YR Health Questionnaire 

Weekly email, Friday 31st March