Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

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Music Lessons

First Access Ukulele Lessons, Year 3

All children in Year 3 take part in group ukulele lessons, led by an external teacher and supported by our in-school music teacher, Mrs Tinkler. These lessons are free to all Year 3 children. It is hoped that, by giving all pupils access to music lessons and music making together, they can make an informed choice as to whether this is something they might like to pursue further in years 4-6, when they may opt to learn a woodwind instrument (see below).


Instrument tuition, Years 4-6

We have a small number of spaces available for clarinet, flute or saxophone lessons, with Mrs Sutton-Muldoon for children in years 4, 5 and 6.

Lessons take place on the same day each week.  We try to vary the lesson times in order to avoid children missing the same things every week, but this is not always possible.

Parents will need to provide an instrument and the relevant book for their child.


How to register for lessons, Years 4-6

Lessons are booked and paid for through Herts Music Service directly. Parents wishing to sign up their children for a lesson should visit the website and specify their preference for instrument and lesson type (eg individual or shared/group lesson).

You can also find a quick link to the full Terms and Conditions (please note you will be signing up for the 'direct-billed' option).  

Herts Music Service will add the child's name to their list and contact parents when a lesson space becomes available.


Assistance with fees

Hertfordshire Music Service does provide a Remission of Fees Scheme to enable those children in receipt of Free School Meals and other benefits to access the use of musical instruments and the tuition provided.   More information is available on their website or alternatively please contact the school office who will try to assist.