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The PWSA is run and organised by the parents and carers of the children that attend Prae Wood School. Our main aim is to raise funds to support the school, through organising activities and social events, whilst developing a sense of community.

Meetings, which discuss what the PWSA organise and the ways in which the money raised is distributed, take place every 4 to 6 weeks in the Staff Room from 7.30pm, with Agendas and Minutes circulated via the PWSA weekly email.

Every parent is very welcome to come and take part, so please come along and join us.

Our success is completely dependent on your participation and we wholeheartedly appreciate all of your contributions, from baking for the bake sales, to manning the stalls at our seasonal fairs or attending the many events throughout the year.


Who’s Who?

At present, the committee is made up of: 

Chair - Catherine Higham

Vice Chair - position to be filled

Secretary -   position to be filled

Treasurers - Sarah Mayhew, Sureka Mahajan, Ben Berriman

Communications - Vicky Wilson

100 Club Coordinator - Sarah Fuller

Pre-Owned School Uniform Coordinators - Tracey Cross and Emma Lilly


If you would be interested in taking up a role as part of the committee, please get in touch via our email address.


How Can Parents Get Involved?

We appreciate that your time is precious and that a majority of parents work, so trying to fit in anything more can seem like an overwhelming task. However, if every parent donated a few hours of their time each year, the PWSA could achieve even bigger and better plans.  You can find out more from your Class Representative, or review the weekly news email to see what is planned and upcoming.

If you would like a more active role, then perhaps taking up the role of class representative would suit you. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the other parents and guardians in your child’s class in an informal way. Class reps are a point of contact for teachers, parents and the PWSA members. They coordinate collections for various events, collate volunteers, donations, attend PWSA meetings and have a hands on role organising some events. Another bonus to the role is arranging the social gatherings. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. 

If you have any ideas to raise money for the school, or have any feedback or queries about what we do, please drop us an email

More Ways to Help Raise Money

There are additional ways that you can support the PWSA with fundraising:

Easy Fundraising

By using the easy fundraising page at the start of your online shopping, the retailers donate a small amount, based around your purchases, for the PWSA. There is no charge to parents. Simply select the PWSA as your preferred cause and we receive the donations. The more you use it, the more money gets raised 

Donations through Gateway

On your child’s school Gateway payments section there is a PWSA Donations option, where you can donate money directly to the PWSA.


Log in to your child's account and visit the 'Payments' section. You can donate as much as you like, with the minimum amount set at £5.00

Stamptastic and Stikins order codes

If you are ordering name labels or stamps for your child’s uniform from these companies then please add the codes when purchasing and the PWSA will receive some commission.

For Stamptastic use: PRAEWOOD and for Stikins use 16107


This is an opportunity to donate clothes, shoes and bags that get recycled to deprived families in countries in Eastern Europe and Africa, as well as raising money for the school. The money we receive depends on weight so don’t feel shy about what goes into the bags supplied before each collection date. However, all items must be in a wearable condition and no school uniform, underwear, nightwear, stained or ripped items are accepted.

100 Club

This is the school’s mini lottery, with a prize draw once a month during Celebration Assembly. More details can be found on the PWSA 100 Club page.

It costs just £1 a month to take part, and participants can buy as many balls as they would like. The prize money each month is split between the school and 3 winners, and the children really enjoy hearing the names called out in assembly.


Click here for further details


Pre-Owned School Uniform

If you have any good quality school uniform that another student could benefit from, please donate it to the Pre-Owned Uniform sales. These take place at different times during the year and the money raised gets channelled back into the school. We ask, however, that uniform shirts and jumpers have the school logo and that they do not have any name labels in them. 

What has the PWSA helped provide so far?

The money that you help raise is channelled directly back into the school. For further details on this, please see our Updates page.


If you would like any further information about getting involved, please contact us


Click here for a link to the PWSA Constitution

Click here to read more about how PWSA uses your information

Reports from AGM 2019

For Chair's Report click here

For Treasurer's Report click here

For Accounts click here 


Reports from AGM 2018

For Chair's Report click here

For Treasurer's Report click here

For Accounts click here 


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