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This page summarises many resources that might be useful to you and/or your family, whether your child requires additional specific support or you simply would like to access further tools that could be helpful. Please click on the links to view items in more detail, or to print out materials.

Transitioning children back to school

For a source of guidance in helping your child transition back to school please click here to view the pdf 'Transitioning children back to school, for parents'

You may also like to share the story 'The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery' with your child, which is a very gentle, therapeutic story to help children explore different feelings about returning to school after the coronavirus lockdown

Safe Space Hertfordshire have compiled an extensive list of websites, which address a wide range of concerns in relation to parents, children and families. They are listed in categories:

Generic emotional well-being & mental health links 

This is a fantastic website that has free downloadable books, weblinks, apps, videos and contains resources around emotional / mental health. Topics include managing anxiety, controlling anger, stress, self-esteem, sleeping difficulties, ADHD, ASD, mindfulness and depression.

Young Minds – Children and Young people’s mental health charity.  There are some wonderful resources for parents/carers to support themselves or their children if Coronavirus is affecting yours or their mental health. There is also a parents helpline.  Healthy Young Minds in Herts

This is the website developed to support the work of the Princes and their Heads Together campaign.  It is largely targeted at schools but includes many useful resources such as a mindfulness session. Developmental poster


Winston’s Wish

Child Bereavement UK


Parenting for Lifelong Health has developed online parenting resources during COVID-19. It includes information on topics like keeping calm and managing stress, talking about Covid-19, learning through play etc.  This might be particularly helpful for families  where English may be their second language

This is a specific resource for children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum

Primary School age resource

Advice for parents and carers on supporting children concerned about COVID

A lovely free downloadable information book about Coronavirus for children, illustrated by Axel Scheffler is now available

A children’s guide to coronavirus from the Children’s Commissioner

A wonderful clear social story about pandemics, written by Carol Gray

'Everybody Worries' by Jon Burgerman, a new book, which is free to download:


Building resilience in young children

The document 'Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Services and Resources for Professionals and Families', produced by NHS Hertfordshire Partnership University, NHS Foundation Trust was circulated to all families in March 2020. To revisit this document, which includes an extensive list of resources, please click here

Zones of Regulation

The ZONES is a concept designed by Leah Kuypers, a licensed occupational therapist, to help pupils develop self-regulation skills. Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self-management, and impulse control. It is defined as the best state of alertness of both the body and emotions for the specific situation. The ZONES are designed to help the pupils recognise when they are in different zones as well as learn how to use strategies to change or stay in the zone they are in.

Please click here to access a powerpoint, which explains the system more fully and gives examples of how you can employ this to support and empower your child to recognise and manage their emotions and reactions.

March 2019 Workshop 'Understanding and Supporting your child with Anxiety'


In March 2019 we hosted the workshop 'Understanding and Supporting your child with Anxiety', in association with DSPL7 and Vista St Albans. The speakers presented on topics including 'What is anxiety', 'When is anxiety a problem', 'Spotting the signs' and 'Supporting your child'. They shared some suggestions and resources for parents, which are illustrated below.

To view the presentation slides from the evening please click here


Further Parent and Family Resources

Here are some suggested web sites and tools for helping with feelings of anxiety
Here are some suggested web sites and tools for helping with feelings of anxiety

The Stress Bucket acts as a visual reminder to manage levels of stress and aim for effective ways to cope with stress factors. Imagine your body as the vessel and realise that if you take on too much then the system could simply overflow.



Use The Calm Jar as a visual aid and discuss how it can be used as a meditation tool when feeling upset, worried or stressed. When shaken the whirling glitter can represent whirling thoughts and emotions, which calm and settle after a little while.

Click on the title below to print a copy of:

The Stress Bucket

My Network

Anger - Mind/Calm Jar

Here are some prompts for opening a conversation with your child, and suggestions to give children alternative ways to express how they are feeling
Here are some prompts for opening a conversation with your child, and suggestions to give children alternative ways to express how they are feeling

Use My Network (designed as a folding page) to talk with your child about building a network of people that they know they can turn to if they need help. Counting around the fingers on the hand, think of family and friends and some professionals (such as teachers at school) who can act as 5 points of contact and support. Understanding that there is a strong network can help to tackle feelings of stress and anxiety.

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