Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning


Nursery - Welcome to Willow Class


The Nursery Class Teachers are Miss Oldham and Mrs Moore

Our Foundation Stage Practitioners are Mrs Clarke and Mrs Thomas

Our Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant is Mrs Sakkejha

Summer A - Living Things

In Nursery, we enjoyed making ladybirds and bees. We painted the body and then cut out the legs spots/stripes and stuck them on. We practised our counting by putting spots on each wing of the lady bird and then counted how many spots there were altogether. We watched our caterpillars grow really big. When they turned into butterflies, we released them in the garden and watched them fly away! We learnt about plants and then planted flowers, potatoes, carrots and beans in the garden. We have been very good at watering them! We enjoyed drawing flowers on the ground outside using the chalks. The farm came to visit us and we then made different farm animals for our class display. Come and have a look at our pictures!

Our topic for Summer B  is Travel and Beside the Sea. We will share some pictures with you soon!