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Year 4 - Blackthorn Class



Our adults are Ms Charsley and Mr Kram


Our topic this half term is called.......

The Vikings


 We had a visit from a Viking which everyone enjoyed!

He showed us how to use weapons and we learnt about how they were made and cared for.

He chopped a melon with a sword as well as an axe!

We all had a viking name for the day.




Blackthorn Class would like to know:

 What Viking life was like

How longboats were constructed and why

Why Vikings fought and invaded



We found we already know:

Vikings wore ring-mail in battle if they could afford to buy it.

Vikings were just as happy fighting each other as they were fighting their enemies.

Vikings used money, in the form of coins, to buy and sell.  They cut them into halves and quarters for smaller values.

They also liked to try and cheat each other in transactions using silver so they each had their own scales to make sure they were happy with the bargain!





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