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Welcome to Year 4



Our adults are Ms Charsley and Mr Kram


This half term our geography topic is.....

The Rainforest


On the first day back after half term, Year 4 went to Whipsnade Zoo as an introduction to our topic -  The Rainforest. We had an informative talk all about endangered animals and why certain animals are endangered. There were artefacts for us to explore and learn about e.g. fake and real fur, a variety of medicines 

made from parts of animals and items such as horns for decoration in the home.

The session made us think about how we can protect our rainforests and reduce

deforestation. At the end, we were allowed to carefully stroke a snake.



We would now like to find out more about:

areas of the world that have rainforest

the type of climate found in a rainforest

further explore different plants and animals

the effect humans are having on the rainforest.






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