Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning

Welcome to Year 4!

We are ACACIA Class

Our class teachers are Mrs Cohen and Mrs Robinson. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Geldard.

We are BLACKTHORN class

Miss Jenkins is our class teacher and Miss Sturgess is our teaching assistant.

Our geography topic for this half term is: 

The Rainforest

From our immersion, we have discovered some children already know that:

  • a variety of animals that live there, including rare species of plants
  • the Amazon rainforest is in South America
  • Rainforests cover vast areas

Therefore, we have decided as a year group that we want to:

  • discover what types of trees grow there
  • understand the dangers of living in a rainforest
  • explore if people live in the rainforest
  • find out what artists use the rainforest as their inspiration


Whipsnade Zoo Field Trip

Year 4 had a wonderful time exploring Whipsnade zoo and observed lots of different animals in their habitats. The pupils took part in an interactive workshop and investigated the threats facing species in the U.K. and internationally. We also learnt more about the fantastic conservation work that the zoo takes part in to protect different species and consider how we can take steps to help too.