Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

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Year 5 on World Book Day

This half term our topic is Anglo-Saxons

Key vocabulary linked to this topic:

claimant, crime, conquest, legacy, Mercia, punishment, successor, thane, transport, tithing, weregild, Christianity, religion

From our immersion, we have discovered that some children already know that:

  • The Anglo-Saxons came after the Iron Age and the Romans;
  • They were around at the same times as the Vikings which we learnt about in Year 4;
  • There were many battles during this period of history. 

Therefore, we have decided as a year group that we want to:

  • Understand how crime and punishment has changed;
  • Understand how religion changed at this time;
  • Explore what happened in the Battle of Hastings;
  • Design and sew an Anglo-Saxon purse
  • We will also have a whole day workshop in school where we will explore different aspects of Anglo-Saxon daily life.