Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

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We are MANGROVE class

We are SPRUCE class

This half term our topic is The Maya.

Key vocabulary linked to this topic: The Maya, Pok-ta-tok, way, chocolate, mosaic, Chichen Itza, calendar

From our immersion, we have discovered that some children already know that:

  • The Maya happened a long time ago 
  • They lived in South America 
  • They built temples that are still standing today.

Therefore, we have decided as a year group that we want to:

  • Understand key aspects of Maya culture like art, learning, technology, food and sport;
  • Explore the different religions and gods the Maya people believed in;
  • Investigate whether the Maya were primitive and unsophisticated or not; 
  • Engage with the making of ancient Maya masks in our Art lessons.

We look forward to sharing the Maya mask making process and outcome with you !