Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning


We have many exciting activities this half term and will update our page as the weeks progress!


We have:

Charity Project


Production script writing!

In Cedar, our class teacher is Mr Pugh and in Banyan, our class teacher is Ms Charsley


The other adults working in Y6 are Mr Kram, Mrs Mooney, Miss Sturgess, Mrs Woolf, Mr Tinkler, Mrs Dargan & Miss Browning

  Our topic for this half term is

Prejudice and Discrimination

From our work last half term, we now know:

  • where the transatlantic slave trade took place and why
  • about the involvement of nine key individuals 
  • what they did and therefore how much blame they should bear

This half term, we will:

  • learn how to draw portraits using charcoal, and create a ‘One Face, One Race’ display