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Book Week 2022

Everybody had such a brilliant time celebrating Book Week 2022 in school. Our theme for this year was 'EXPLORERS' and staff planned some great activities around this. The week included an exciting assembly to launch the week'; an Outdoor Team Explorers Challenge; a library artwork challenge; the 'Terrific Tent Challenge'; a cozy and snoozy Bedtime Stories evening event ; dressing up and author visits on World Book Day and a Celebration Assembly to round it all off!


The week started with an assembly in hall to launch Book Week, hosted by Mrs Robinson. Each year group was given an ‘explorer rucksack.’ Inside was a small selection of props, pics and clues about the book they would use over the course of the week and the aim was to fill it with learning and any fun facts the pupils learned as an explorer over the week…

This year our fantastic theme was ‘Explorers!’ All the year groups dived into a book over the course of the week..... Nursery and FS were exploring a book of their choice Year 1 explored: The way back Home by Oliver Jeffers Year 2 explored: Here we are by Oliver Jeffers Year 3 explored: Amazon River by Sangma Francis & Romolo D’Hipolito Year 4 explored: The Great Barrier Reef by Sangma Francis & romolo D’Hipolito Year 5 explored: Journey by Aaron Becker Year 6 explored: Quest by Aaron Becker

Mrs Robinson captured everyone's interest with an exciting assembly on Monday morning.....


She also set a ‘Terrific Tent’ challenge. Each class was given materials to build a tent and decorate for the assembly showcase on Friday. Pupils had to decide as a class, what explorer theme they would go for- would it link to their book? Would it be a specific place?- and then they had to plan how to decorate the tent and what props might be needed..... Puplis worked hard over the week to make some fantastic tents; have a look at some of the pictures below....

Have a look at some of the tents and props under construction

Year 2's Rucksack- they enjoyed delving in deep to find out what it contained


Each year group was given a time slot to go outside where, working in small groups, they had to identify one location at a time and run to it (arms linked and without breaking the chain) to find and solve a series of clues. Despite some rainy weather, everyone had a great time sleuthing away and identifiying the correct answers to the challenges.

Meet the Illustrator

We welcomed a local illustrator, Alice Richardson, who lives and works in St Albans in to deliver an assembly to children in Year 5 and 6 all about  the methods used to take the words from a page and bring them to life in pictures. She addressed the question 'What is book cover design and illustration?' It was really interesting to hear about an illustrator's working process and to receive tips about different genres and how to appeal to different readers, using font, colour and image. Pupils were challenged to come up with their own illustration around a given template.

Bedtime Stories

Many pupils returned to school on Wednesday evening in their pyjamas and onesies to join their teachers for a bedtime story, as well as a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. 

Meet the Author

Pupils in Years 1-4 welcomed some very special visitors in the form of author Sarah Gordon and her therapy dog, Frank. Sarah is an animal assisted therapist and has published a children’s book called ‘Friendly Frank.’ Her book focuses on a boy who is autistic and Frank the dog helps him to find his way home.  Sarah showcased some of the tricks she uses when working with Frank in schools and answered pupils' questions about her writing and about Frank. Frank was the ideal guest and behaved impeccably- we all enjoyed meeting him.

World Book Day

And, of course, we invited all our pupils and staff to dress up as a book character to celebrate the day. We were so impressed with all the costumes- well done everyone!

We always work hard to raise the profile of Book Week at Prae Wood and we hope that all the pupils had lots of fun celebrating amazing explorers and the worlds we can explore within books and MAKING READING FUN!!