Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

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British Science Week 2022

The Theme for British Science Week this year was 'Growth'. Staff planned some exciting activities throughout the week and we were very pleased to welcome some visitors who ran workshops; a Lego event for years N-Y4 and K'Nex for Y5 and Y6. 

Thanks to our staff for planning such a fun week for our pupils and to Mr Higham for coming in to run the Lego workshops

Whole School Hand Swap
Each child from each class drew round one of their hands and then cut it out. All of the hands were gathered together and the re-distributed so that each class had a selection of hands ranging from Nursey to Year 6. The children then used these hands to explore the question 'Do our body parts grow as we get older?' 
As well as this, each class took part in an additional activity of their choice for example: Planet friendly Burgers, Virus Origami, Wonderful Working Worms, and a Stretchy Slime experiment- to name a few!




Pupils from Years Nursery up to Year 4 enjoyed a Lego workshop with Mr Higham, sorting, designing and executing structures according to a learning objective.

British Science Week Competition: Create a plant

Children were given the challenge to create a plant using only paper and some engineering techniques; no glue, tape, staples etc. There were many amazing entries and every year entered the competition (except Year One!)

The entries were judged by the Eco-Warriors at a very enjoyable meeting and the KS1 and KS2 winners will be entered into the wider competition. 

Yr 2 Winner. Imogen R, Chestnut.
Yr 3 Winner. Penelope V, Hawthorn.
Yr 4 Winner. Emily G, Acacia.
Yr 5 Winner. Esme G, Mangrove.
Yr 6 Winner. Alys G, Cedar.

Overall KS1 Winner was Imogen R and overall KS2 Winner was Esme G- well done!!