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Headteacher and Caretaker for a Day

We recently welcomed some very important (temporary) staff members to Prae Wood School. Miss Pulman and Mr Kehr joined the staff team as Headteacher and Caretaker for the day, as a result of their parents placing the winning bids in the auction that was run at the first ever PWSA Ball, which took place in May.

They both did a brilliant job, and took to their new roles with aplomb, offering solid support to Mrs Sheppard and Mr Leach.

Miss Pulman worked alongside Mrs Sheppard and fulfilled some of the many and varied roles of the Headteacher. She looked very much at home at the Headteacher's desk and enjoyed welcoming pupils who showed her their work through the day. She also welcomed a special visitor in the form of her younger brother!

She visited some of the classes to make sure that everyone was working hard and doing their best at school, before a quick break and a cup of tea (or squash for Miss Pulman).

Lunch time meant taking Mrs Sheppard's role of helping the younger children at the salad bar, before stopping for a quick lunch break at our outside staff area.

After lunch it was back to work with a spot of admin, before hosting our Celebration Assembly, which coincided with the end of Sports Week. Miss Pulman did a great job congratulating all the pupils whose names were included in the 'Golden Book' and helping everyone to celebrate the achievements of Sports Week.

It was a very busy day!

Meanwhile, Mr Kehr arrived to help Mr Leach in the role of Caretaker. This meant an early start to work for the split shift of 8:00am until 10:30.  Mr Kehr helped to bring in the deliveries of milk and fruit for the school, before checking that all parents had left the site and gates were secured for the day. The rest of the morning shift was spent building some fantastic new play equipment for Nursery, after which time the first part of Mr Kehr's day was completed and he went home.

At 2:00pm it was back to work for Mr Kehr, and he helped Mr Leach in sweeping and clearing the playground using the leaf blower, as well as emptying the bins. Other jobs that day included fixing the flush systems on the FS toilets and glueing some wallpaper back where it should be. 

We are confident that we sent Mr Kehr home exhausted after a demanding day, but we hope that he enjoyed his time.

Thanks to Miss Pulman and  Mr Kehr for their fantastic work- they both fulfilled their roles brilliantly, and we hope that they had a great day seeing what the real Headteacher and Caretaker do at our school.

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