Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning

No Outsiders

Andrew Moffat, CEO of the No Outsiders programme, visited Prae Wood and led sessions to different classes throughout school on Thursday 10th November. Many of our school governors joined us for the day too. The No Outsiders programme examines the premise that no-one is the same, but we are all equal and all welcome and delivers teaching designed to equip children for life in modern Britain, whilst strengthening communities.

'Andrew Moffat's lessons were really inspiring

and it was a joy to watch the children responding

so positively and enthusiastically' -Governor

Andrew was impressed with just how articulate our children are, their repertoire of emotional vocabulary as well as our children's listening skills. Through the use of some beautiful picture books, Andrew reinforced our inclusive ethos and how there are 'No Outsiders' at our school; everyone is welcome and everyone is valued. The classes that did not have a session with Andrew have since had the session led by their class teacher.

RECEPTION Blue Chameleon, all about finding a friend     YEAR 1 Hair, it's a Family Affair! examining how our families are all different and are all beautiful     YEAR 2 How to be Liondiscussing how it's 'good to be me' and how we do not need to feel peer pressured into behaving in a certain way     YEAR 3 We're all wonders, addressing the issue of bullying because of difference     YEAR 4 Dogs dont' do Ballet, encouraging finding your passion and going for your dreams    YEAR 5 And Tango makes three, looking at how all families are different and differences are to be respected     YEAR 6 A Day in the life of Marlon Bundo, examining democracy and prejudice

The children have also produced some excellent pieces of work in response to this.