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Sports Week 2019

Day 1 of Sports Week definitely lived up to its theme of 'Be Active'.  In an assembly delivered by the Sports Ambassadors, everyone was made aware that not only is it Sports Week at Prae Wood, but National School Sport Week.  The Youth Sports Trust has chosen '5 Ways to Wellbeing' as the theme - something we have been focussing on at Prae Wood this year.  Although many aspects of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing will be part of our week, being active is our main focus.

Year 3 arrived at assembly having already been active - taking part in a bleep test.  This is the personal challenge the Year 3 Sports Ambassadors have chosen for their year group.  With each year group setting a benchmark on day one, they are hoping to improve on their personal best over the course of the week.  

Do you know what personal challenge your child's year group is working on?

Whilst PE lessons continued and personal challenge activities were completed, Year 3 took part in a basketball taster session delivered by Russell Hoops, our new key stage 2 after school club provider for September.  The session started with a reaction challenge followed by a skills focus on dribbling.  Towards the end of the session, our skills focus was put into practice in a game of 'touch down' before finding out who were the angels and demons in a basketball shooting challenge.  Thank you PJ, Year 3 had a great time playing basketball with you.

Meanwhile, in the cool and calm of Redwood, Reception were participating in a yoga session with our own Mrs Bhatt.  The children transformed themselves into frogs and butterflies before being given their own bird to balance on their finger.  Well done to all of the Reception children who managed to keep the bird balanced whilst they transferred from sitting to standing.  Lauren in Oak class declared the activities were 'very relaxing', so the objective of this session was definitely met!  Thank you Mrs Bhatt.


Year 3 continued their activity packed schedule with swimming lessons as usual, leaving the rest of the school to participate in a circle group circuit.  Thanks to the Year 6 circle group leaders, twenty separate activities had been planned across 5 different locations for the children to move around in their circle groups.  It was great to see children from Reception through to Year 6 playing and being active together.  Year 6 made great leaders and their well planned activities were enjoyed by all.  

Let's hope the weather remains kind to us and allows us to continue with all of the activities planned for the rest of the week

Popular summer sports, cricket and tennis, both of which are currently featuring in the sports headlines, were the focus of Day 2

Following Andy Murray's triumphant return to tennis at the weekend, winning the mens' doubles at Queen's Club, the coaches from Batchwood came to inspire a new generation of tennis players by running taster sessions for our Nursery children. The children enjoyed the activities designed to develop their coordination skills.  Thank you Batchwood for coming in to visit Nursery

On the day when England needed a win against Australia in the Cricket World Cup, Year 5 participated in a cricket skills circuit led by Amy Price, captain of Hertfordshire Ladies.  Amy commented on the enthusiasm and engagement of the Year 5s who are definitely showing a growing enjoyment for the game.   As well as running the circuit session, Amy also spoke to KS2 about her love for cricket and the positive experiences she has had playing cricket, including tours abroad to Sri Lanka and Barbados and playing at international cricket grounds such as Lords.  KS2 also impressed Amy with their knowledge of world flags as they identified the teams participating in the World Cup.  Amy hopes her visit to Prae Wood will encourage pupils to join a local cricket club.  Thank you Amy and the team at Hertfordshire Cricket who have delivered cricket sessions across the school this year

Arriving at school on Day 3 of Sports Week and seeing the Triathlon Trust setting up on the field definitely piqued lots of people’s interest.  It wasn’t until assembly that Years 1 to 6 found out what the day would entail.  In a video message from Team GB Paralympian Lauren Steadman and glaciologist Dr Anna Hogg, the pupils and staff of Prae Wood were challenged to collectively bike and run the distance to a satellite above the earth – a whopping 717km.  Mike Jubb from the Triathlon Trust had already explained the challenges faced by astronauts such as Major Tim Peake when living on the International Space Station where there is zero gravity.  Without participating in at least 2 hours of daily exercise, astronauts’ muscles start to waste as they are not required to work in the same way as our muscles have to on earth where we are always fighting the effects of gravity. There was no doubt that muscles were going to be working hard at Prae Wood today.

Each year group had a timetabled slot throughout the day in which they were to spend 2 minutes cycling, 2 minutes running and 2 minutes resting.  This was repeated a further 4 times giving each year group 30 minutes to make their year group contribution to our target figure of 717km.  With bikes mounted on turbo trainers, you didn’t need to be able to ride a bike, just pedal.  Trip computers logged the distance travelled and the staff from the Triathlon Trust calculated the distance run.  With music to motivate and encouragement from all involved, Year 1 were the first to take part.

Meanwhile, Year 4 were engaged in more serene activities – yoga with Miss Childs, Coco and Lilac’s mum.  With calming music and a focus on their breathing, Year 4 worked their way through a collection of yoga poses, such as downward facing dog, tree and lion pose.  Thank you Ms Childs for such a positive and relaxing experience.

The challenge continued on the field with the staff also playing their part in helping to reach our target.   Well done staff, your participation did not go unnoticed by the team from the Triathlon Trust and the pupils definitely enjoyed encouraging you with high 5s and dancing as the rest station could easily have been renamed the dance tent!

In a final assembly at the end of the day, Years 1 to 6 came together to find out the results - not only how far we had travelled as a school, but how far each year group had travelled.   With the varying numbers, especially in Years 4 and 5, an average per pupil was calculated as well.  As you can see from the table below, Prae Wood smashed it!  Not only did we get to the satellite, but back down to earth (and with a few kilometres to spare). 

The children were left with the challenge of finding out where 1635km would take them to in the world if they weren’t travelling into space.  Please do let us know.

Well done also to those children who received a pin badge in recognition of their effort during their session.  Although only one boy and girl per class received the badges, the event team were impressed by everyone who took part.  As a coach at local triathlon club, Tri Force, Mike Jubb said he would be happy to have any pupil from Prae Wood become a member.  Further details are to follow. 

Thank you to the team from the Triathlon Trust – it was a day to remember.  Thanks also to the PWSA who part funded the event.

 Let’s hope we aren’t all too worn out for Sports Day tomorrow!

Sports Day

Day 4 saw a change of venue for Sports Week as Reception through to Year 6 visited Westminster Lodge for our annual sports day.  Weather conditions were near perfect as the children competed in a carousel of activities followed by sprint races, working hard to score points for their colour group.   The much loved buddy races came next (with the Year 6s being reminded not to drag their buddy along) before the parents and carers took to the track, determined to prove the speed of their youth had not faded.  A new, finale event finished proceedings - a medley shuttle relay involving the fastest boy and girl from each colour group from Years 1 to 6.  Both the boys' and girls' races were very exciting to watch.

Not only were the children working as a team, but all of the Prae Wood staff pulled together to ensure a successful event.  They were ably assisted by Marlborough Sports Leaders, who managed the field events and activity races on the track; the Prae Wood daughters and their friends, who acted as scorer for each year group, and Sue Martin (Mrs Lesnik's mum), who helped with the activity races and was chief marshal for the sprint races. Thank you.

Well done to the adults who were brave enough to volunteer for the obstacle race - you were all winners!  Thank you to everyone who came to support us and also to the parents and carers (and pupils) who took the time to speak to a member of staff to pass on their thanks and positive feedback about today's event. 

Finally, the big announcement will be made in Friday's celebration assembly - be sure to ask your child which colour group were this year's winners of sports day! 

Day 5 began with Nursery and Reception taking part in their own Sports Day on the field which was started by our 'Headteacher for the day', Miss Pulman. 

Speed, agility and balance were tested in races such as the egg and spoon, quoit balance and the obstacle race.  Many of our spectators from Nursery also became competitors as they took part in their own obstacle relay race.  The children really enjoyed cheering them on!   Thank you to the KS2 Sports Ambassadors who supported the Nursery and Reception staff by helping with equipment, organising the children for their races and cheering everyone on.  Thank you also to everyone who came along to cheer the children on.


During the day, Years 1 to 6 all had a final attempt at their personal challenge and teachers were pleased to report that daily practice had helped the children to improve.

It wasn't until celebration assembly at the end of the day that the winner of Sports Day 2019 was revealed with ribbons tied onto the trophy - well done to the green team!

1st place - Green 583 points

2nd place - Red 549 points

3rd place - Purple 509 points

Some feedback in response to the question: What did you enjoy most about Sports Week?

Y1 - Moving around in the circle group circuit and seeing different parts of the school that I do not normally see.

Y1 - Pedalling on the bikes and being able to hold my hands up in the air!

Y2 - cycling at the Duathlon.

Y3 - Exercising whilst having fun.

Y3 - It was fun cycling fast on the bike. 

Y4 - The different activities at Sports Day, especially running and the long jump

Y4 - Winning my race at Sports Day!

Y5 - Enjoying seeing if I could improve as part of our personal challenge - and I did!

Y5 - The duathlon as it pushed your limits.

Y5 - I enjoyed being part of a group for the circle group circuit.

Y6 - Not wearing uniform!

Y6 - The duathlon as it was really active and I enjoyed being part of a big team working towards a goal.

Staff - The duathlon as I enjoyed seeing how the children kept going, there was music to exercise to and it made me enthusiastic about cycling.

Staff - The well organised Sports Day and the picnic afterwards.  It was a great community event.

What a great week we have had. Thank you to Mrs Paine, and all the supporting staff, who worked so hard to organise a truly brilliant week. Throughout the week our children, and staff, have relished the many opportunities to be active.  We have welcomed athletes from a wide range of disciplines to work with us at Prae Wood, and we hope everyone has been inspired and has had a chance to experience the many positives being active brings.  

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