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Sports Week 2021

Sports Week for 2021 had to take a different format as we aimed to avoid crossing year group bubbles and couldn't welcome parent spectators on site to cheer on the children. However, this didn't stop Mrs Paine from planning a week packed full of exciting and challenging activities for the whole school and peers had enough energy to encourage each other in all endeavors. Sports on offer included a visit from Fit Kidz, Wheelchair Basketball, Boccia and athletics. Despite the weather presenting a few challenges, everyone had a great week and really stretched themselves to achieve. Well done!


Nursery had a super time on the field and playground, testing their dribbling skills in hockey and enjoying field events such as races and obstacle courses.


I enjoyed the obstacle course because when we went through the big inflatables it was really tough and we nearly got squashed!  The slide was really long and steep though which was great! Chloe, Elm Class.


Sports Day was rained off for Year 1, but this didn't stop them getting up to all sorts of sporty activities, as you can see from the photos included here. During the week they also enjoyed some yoga challenges and the week was rounded off with the inflatable obstacle course! Even Mrs Vance and Mrs J joined in the obstacle course!


I really enjoyed Sports Week.  My favourite bit was the obstacle bouncy castle - and the haystack was very fun!  I loved jumping over the haystack!! Noah Elm Class


Year 2 started with field events on KS2 playground For the target throw, each child had 2 attempts with the closest hoop scoring 1 pt, middle hoop scoring 3 pts and furthest hoop scoring 5 pts. For the standing long jump, each child had 1 attempt and was required to perform a two foot to two foot jump with  1, 3 or 5 points awarded for clearing the marked lines. In addition to their sports day, Year 2 enjoyed sessions of basketball, kick rounders and speed stacking, as well as taking part in a 'design trainers' competition.

I enjoyed the basketball today.  The best bit was when we did the song and had to try and grab the ball before our friends.
Sebastian, Elm Class


Year 3 kicked off the week of Sports Days on Monday with track events including an obstacle race over 30 metres in both directions, balance the tennis ball on the racket over 30 metres, an over and under challenge, a sack race over 30 metres in one direction and a 50 metre shuttle relay.

I loved the basket ball today because it was so much fun and I love basket ball. PJ the coach was very funny especially when he sang his song! Millie, Elm Class.

Fit Kidz' Chris Bull ran fitness sessions throughout the day on Tuesday for Years 3, 4 and 6.  Sessions included the children accessing a range of functional fitness equipment including kettlebells, battle ropes, tyre flipping and Bosu balls designed to build strength and coordination.  Children enjoyed experiencing equipment they would not normally use in PE lessons as they moved around the different workout stations.  The sessions supported with developing technique but it was also about being active and having fun which they all did and left the hall very sweaty!


Year 4 also started the week of events off on the Monday and enjoyed field events. For the target throw, each child had 2 attempts with the closest hoop scoring 1 pt, middle hoop scoring 3 pts and furthest hoop scoring 5 pts. For the standing long jump, each child had 1 attempt and was required to perform a two foot to two foot jump with  1, 3 or 5 points awarded for clearing the marked lines


Year 5's Sports Day was postponed, due to Tuesday's awful weather, but they had a fantastic time playing hand ball and participating in Wheelchair Basketball, as well as Friday's Obstacle course challenge

On Wednesday we welcomed a team from Herts Disability Sports Foundation, which gave an opportunity to try out sports played by people with disabilities including for Y5&6 wheelchair basketball and Boccia for Y4 both of which are Paralympic Sports in Tokyo.  Pupils started off learning how to manoeuvre the wheelchair, which they got the hang of surprisingly quickly.  The difficulty came when the basketball was introduced, especially trying to manoeuvre the wheelchair and keep the basketball secure on your lap.  Teams progressed to games and were pleased to see the net to shoot into was sat on the floor rather than positioned at height.  This still didn't make it easy to score though!  Although the children enjoyed the experience, it did make them reflect on the challenges faced by those with disabilities. 

Y4 learnt how to play and score in Boccia.  Boccia is a game similar to bowls or Petanque although athletes are seated because it is a sport played by wheelchair users.  For some, the challenge came in not lifting their bottoms from the bench.


Plans for Year 6's Sports Day were also put on hold, due to rain, but this didn't stop them getting active! Have a look at the photos of their workout with Fitkidz in the school hall, as well as their fun joining in Wheelchair Basketball 

On Friday, every child was challenged to complete the Obstacle Run. For one day only The Daily Mile track was turned into an obstacle run thanks to the PWSA who supplied the inflatable obstacle run and local farmer, Bill Barr, who supplied the haybales and tractor tyres.  Every year group from Nursery to Year 6 had the chance to try out the obstacle run which included obstacles to climb and jump over, crawl through and slide down.  Key stage 2 also experienced the dodgeball run avoiding the dodgeballs thrown by their teachers and classmates.  A fun ending to both Sports Week and the PWSAs 50k sponsored event.  Sponsorship prizes were given out at the end of the day.

The bouncy castle was my favourite bit of the week because I liked sliding down the slide and I liked all of the obstacle course.
Bella, Elm Class

Thanks to all the external providers for giving the children such a varied and exciting experience over the week and to Mrs Paine and all the staff who helped to coordinate and deliver such great challenges to al lthe pupils.