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Sports Week 2022

Sports Week was action-packed with every year group active each day and Sports Day at Westminster Lodge making a welcome return at the end the week

Chris from Fit Kidz kicked off the week with his functional fitness circuit for key stage 2.  Each class undertook a HIIT workout using equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, mini trampolines and rowing machines.  Prae Wood staff shared their sporting skills with Mrs Lesnik introducing Nursery to Hockey and Miss Mallard delivering fun rugby games to Reception and Year 1.  Year 2 took control of the field in the afternoon to play Capture the Flag, a game which has become popular amongst the year group who have enjoyed playing it at their after school multi sports club.
Tuesday was a busy day for external visitors with Year 2 enjoying a basketball taster session courtesy of PJ, who runs our after-school club, Nursery and Reception developing their racket skills courtesy of Sus and Sam from Batchwood and Years 1 to 4 trying out their golfing skills with Laurence and Grant from Verulamium Golf Club.  Unfortunately, no one was able to beat Grant's longest drive and win a set of golf clubs however everyone enjoyed having the chance to use real golf clubs instead of the plastic clubs we use for tri-golf in school.  With no external workshop planned for Years 5 and 6, Year 5 enjoyed a dodgeball session at school and Year 6 went to the park to play Ultimate Frisbee which proved to be rather challenging due to the swirling wind.
The day started with BMX tricks on the MUGA with Mike Mullen, 6 times BMX halfpipe champion, including a jump over brave volunteers Mrs Paine, Mr Kram and Mrs Charsley.  Having seen Mike in action, and also learning about the importance of developing a growth mindset in order to learn new skills and overcome challenges, Year 6 had the opportunity to try out some basic freestyle tricks.  Mike was impressed with their attitude and many of the children were inspired by their experience, keen to take up BMXing.  Less daring, but equally exciting were the hula hooping workshops run by Laura from Live, Love, Hoop.  Laura delivered workshops to everyone in Years 1 to 5, demonstrating her own skills first before breaking down the techniques for hula hooping around the waist, arm and neck.  Unfortunately, a 30 minute session was not long enough to learn all of the hula hooping skills that Laura has developed over at least a decade, the most spectacular being the ability to hula hoop with her nose!  
Whilst Nursery and Reception enjoyed running races on the field for Sports Day, Year 5 took part in fencing workshops with Andy from the Paul Davies Fencing Academy.  It was great to be able to welcome parent spectators for Sports Day and Reception were also joined by their Year 6 buddies for a 'Buddy Race'. 

Team Colour Challenge  

In the afternoon, Years 1 to 6 were mixed amongst their colour groups to participate in a fun carousel of activities ranging from Giant Jenga to Run the Gauntlet.  The afternoon had a great community feel with older children supporting the younger year groups.  It was lovely to see a rainbow of active children, the main purpose of our Sports Week.

Anyone for a refreshing smoothie?

Throughout the week pupils were able to take a spin on a smoothie bike, lent to us for the week by our catering company, Aspens. Everyone -pupils and staff alike- worked hard to produce a smoothie using pedal power 

Our last Sports Day at Westminster Lodge was back in 2019 so for many of the children this was their first opportunity to experience Sports Day at the track.  The morning started with a carousel of field events and activity races with high jump for Year 6 introduced for the first time.  Once the carousel was complete, the children moved under the shade of the gazebos to await their turn in the sprint races ranging from 50 metres for Years 1 and 2 to 100 metres for Years 5 and 6.  Sports Day ended with a shuttle medley relay race involving the fastest boys and girls from each colour group from Years 1 to 6.  With all events scored, we are pleased to announce the results:
1st  - Green with 304 points and retaining the shield they won in 2021
2nd  - Yellow with 210 points
3rd  - Purple with 207 points
4th - Red with 194 points
5th - Orange with 185 points
6th - Blue with 173 points

The Daily Mile Colour Challenge

Over the course of the year, thanks to a suggestion from our Sports Ambassadors, we have been running The Daily Mile Colour Challenge every half term.  The Sports Ambassadors suggested a collective team effort as a way of encouraging children to run more rather than walk during their Daily Mile time.  Years 1 to 6 repeated the challenge again during Sports Week, with Years 1, 2 and 6 demonstrating an increase in the average number of laps per runner - well done.  Here are the Summer B colour group results and how they compared to the first running in Autumn B.  Again, well done to the green colour group who have made the biggest improvement over the course of the year.
Sports Ambassadors' Playground Challenges
During Sports Week lunchtimes, our Sports Ambassadors ably ran playground challenges on both the key stage 1 and key stage 2 playgrounds.  They choose the activities, timed and recorded results, sometimes with the help of other friends too.  Thanks to Oaklands College, the winners were able to pick a prize from the lucky dip bag in our final assembly of the year.
Monday - number of baskets scored in 30 seconds
KS1 - Imogen (Y2)
KS2 - Mohamed (Y6)
Tuesday - number of skips in 60 seconds
KS1 - Taylan (Y2)
KS2 - Hannah (Y5)
Wednesday - number of hopscotches (up and back) in 30 seconds
KS1 - Zachary (Y1)
KS2 - Alex G (Y6)
Thursday - beanbag target throw
KS1 - James (Y1)
KS2 - Matthew (Y4)

Thank you to Mrs Paine and all the other staff involved in planning such an action-packed and exciting week for Prae Wood- well done everyone!!