Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

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Staff 'for a day'...

The PWSA ran an auction at the recent Golden Gala Ball, with some of the most hotly contested lots being the chance for children to take on staff roles at school for a day. Parents placed bids to win an experience as Headteacher, PE teacher, Site Manager and Chef- all very busy but very different roles at Prae Wood.

We have been delighted to welcome Henry, Eddie, Ronia and Sydney to the staff for a day and have enjoyed having them as part of the team. They all worked hard and impressed their mentors enormously. 

Headteacher for a day... Henry and Mrs Sheppard

Hi I'm Henry, I've been Headteacher for the day and have been doing lots of jobs keeping the teachers busy and the same with the children.  We greeted people at the gate and I have been checking that everyone is ready for their next year.  Me and Mrs Sheppard have been checking KS1 & KS2 and we did some observations: Year 5 doing street dance, Year 2 learning racket skills, Year 4 using the boom whackers, nursery washing cars, Year 3 doing their David Hockney paintings and Year 1 doing some Tinga Tinga art. It has been a very busy day!  Thank you mum and dad for giving me this opportunity.  Henry

Chef for a day... Sydney and Ms Campbell

Today I was school chef and I had a lot of fun! Hi, my name is Sydney and I am in Year 5.  To start the day I was escorted to the school office to start my job.  I signed myself in and was taken to the kitchen to start working.  The first job I had was to roll out some cherry cookies for sports week and after that I peeled carrots.  My favourite job was serving lunch because there were so many familiar faces from the playground.  After all the classes were given their meals I got to eat all the leftovers.  After that, I got myself ready to go to assembly.  I had a great time!! Sydney

Site Manager for a day.... Ronia and Mr Woolford

I had a fantastic time being Site Manager for the day.  Mr Woolford and I went all around the school, doing jobs to help out.  My favourite job was blowing and trimming the hedges as the blowing machine was really cool!!  I also enjoyed getting my own tag as it worked!  Thank you to mum and dad for getting me this role.  Ronia

Well done, Ronia- we hope you enjoyed your breaktime biscuits with Mr Woolford!

PE Teacher for a day... Eddie with Mrs Paine

It was a busy day for Eddie and Mrs Paine with admin jobs, such as a conducting a pupil survey, organising equipment and a football kit inventory, being fitted around PE teaching. At the end of the afternoon, Eddie helped Mrs Paine deliver an assembly about next week's Sports Week. 

I had an amazing time being PE teacher for the day and teaching Year 1 & 2 PE with Mrs Paine.  The assembly was fun as I got to say some things to the classes.  I am so happy that I got to be PE teacher for the day.  Thank you mum and dad.  Eddie

With Mrs Paine's knee injury and Eddie's enthusiasm for dance, he proved to be a great asset in helping the Year 1 and 2 classes to learn how to country dance.  Eddie was able to demonstrate the moves for the Farmer's Jig and Witch's Reel as well as helping to direct his partner and the other children in his longways set. 

Thank you to the PWSA for organising the auction and to all the staff involved in helping the children have an enjoyable, memorable and educational day. Everyone worked really hard and learnt a great deal.