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Learning during lockdown

We have seen some fantastic examples of wonderful work done during Home Learning. We are so impressed with what you have all been doing that we thought we would share a few examples each week. We hope you enjoy these regular updates...

Half Term

Half term saw our team of amazing teachers take on challenges set by pupils at Prae Wood. They had to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things but they all tried their best and achieved some amazing results! Click on the 'Beat the Teacher' image below to see what on earth they got up to, then have a go yourself and let us know if you can 'Beat the Teacher'....

Summer A, Week Five

As part of our water topic, this week Nursery have been thinking about keeping clean and healthy eating. The nursery children have been busy: keeping fit, trying new healthy foods, making fruit salads, printing with fruit and vegetables, writing numbers, and releasing butterflies into the wild.  Meanwhile, Reception have enjoyed reading the story The Selfish Crocodile. They wrote speech bubbles for the main characters and a letter from the Crocodile to the Mouse thanking him for his help with the Crocodiles toothache! Pupils have also explored subtraction in maths and have made their own jungle and crocodile pictures and models.  Year 1 have been exploring money in Maths. They worked out how to make specific amounts using coins to 10p. In English they rewrote the story Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs using adjectives and conjunctions to increase the interest in their own writing. Year 1 have also explored ships from the past and present, seeing how they are similar and different, whilst continuing to investigate growing in Science, as well as completing their D/T project to make a moving vehicle.  Year 2 have been very busy this week carrying out surveys, then designing and making delicious sandwiches, omelettes, wraps and muffins. They have also been solving a variety of 2D and 3D shape problems.  Year 3 have been continuing to look at The Dark in English. Pupils have been planning and writing their own stories including fronted adverbials and dialogue. In maths, they have been reviewing learning for the half term. They reviewed multiplication, time, fractions and measurement. For science, they created a piece of art using materials from outside. They've done lots of work this half term on their topic The Romans and, this week, looked at the daily life of a Roman child.  In maths this week, Year 4 have been learning how to interpret data and produce different graphs and charts. The children have also had fun creating their own sound poems based on The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. The teachers have been very impressed with Year 4’s PowerPoint presentations about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.  Year 5 have continued their epic public speaking saga by making the final edits, analysing good performance techniques and beginning to think about recording their speech, ready to share with the rest of Year 5! They have also enjoyed their science project where they have been experimenting with the forces involved in parachutes!  Year 6 invested time this week code-cracking in maths, with tricky ciphers and puzzles to unpick, as well continuing to develop their creative writing. They also did some work on their social media presence and how to manage online contributions as a continuing part of their e-safety learning.

It's been another busy week- we hope you all take some time to rest and recharge over the sunny half term holiday

Beautiful Butterflies...

With much excitement, keyworker children discovered that beautiful butterflies had hatched from their chrysalises over the weekend in school. After warming the butterflies up in the sun, they released them on to the flowers by Redwood. Look out for them when you come back to school! The friendly butterflies spent time on many of the childrens’ hands. To remember the butterflies, the children made beautiful prints. It was also a week of musical rainbows with singing, making egg shakers, creating tambourines and sticking together Elmer-inspired rain shakers.


Summer A, Week Four

Nursery children have been learning about the sea this week. They have been busy making lighthouses and rainbow fish. They have also been playing outside and practising their numbers.  Reception, too, have been exploring with their theme ‘Under the Sea’. They read the story Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks and retold the story in their own words. They also enjoyed making their own under the sea art including crabs, turtles, jellyfish and even made their own aquariums. In maths they explored addition by drawing animals and adding how many legs they had altogether.   Year 1 have been learning all about division in maths by grouping and sharing. They created their own story based upon a magic bed and explored the difference between plants in science. In topic they learnt how planes have changed over time and made their very own rain maker in music, whilst continuing to explore algorithms in computing.   In Year 2 pupils have been measuring all over the place! Some of them measured in their gardens, some in their kitchens and some in their living rooms. They also write non-chronological reports about the UK and drew the flags.   In English this week, Year 3 have been looking at The Dark by Lemony Snicket. They have looked at personification and how the dark in the story is made to seem like a person. They then looked at creating their own characters based on Laszlo. In maths, they have been looking at adding and subtracting fractions. Pupils have continued their work on the Romans and in particular looked at Roman Britain. In science, they have been looking at plants and this week we looked at how water moves through a plant.  Meanwhile,  Year 4 have been creating royal self-portraits as part of their history topic on Kings and Queens.  In maths they have been practising written multiplication and division. Year 5 have spent a lot of time working on their Public Speaking project. They now have a fully written first draft and have even shared it with peers in their class in order to give each other feedback! In maths, they’ve been focusing on statistics and thinking about the rational conclusions you can draw from data. They also spent some time considering some of the irrational conclusions that you can draw from data and had good fun turning those into silly front page news stories!! Their jam-packed week also included carrying on with French learning, creating album covers in music and parachutes in science, and learning all about Time Zones in Topic!   Year 6 have been really busy this week and we wanted to celebrate some of the art they have completed.  We challenged them to create a virtual high five to send to local residents who are shielding.  Along with this, they have been writing stories about weathering the storm and we look forward to reading them next week. 


Big Pedal, Big Breakfast and VE Day

Children across the year groups have taken to the their bikes, scooters and even skate boards and roller skates as part of our Big Pedal week, many of them tracking their progress and working out how far their cumulative distances travelled could take them. Such huge efforts of course deserve a reward and many families enjoyed a Big Breakfast together on Friday morning. And, of course, it was a day of celebration and commemoration across the country for VE Day on Friday. We love Matilda, Esme and Florence's wonderful 40s-inspired hairstyles, as well as their delicious-looking cakes and bakes!

Thank you for sharing your photographs with us!

Summer A, Week Three

Nursery's topic is water and this week they have been learning about weather.  Reception have also been exploring the weather and made their own weather pictures, charts and models. They also wrote about why we like rainy days. In maths the children explored doubling and made their own doubling pictures.  Year 1 have been exploring steam trains, looking at when they were made, where they ran and for how long. Sticking with the transport theme, they learned about how cars have changed over time in Topic. They explored using arrays in maths and continue to learn about plants by labelling at the features of a flowers.  Year 2 have been working very hard, writing their own stories, solving problems involving money and practising their times tables using Times Table Rock Stars. They have been busy setting up a seed investigation, learning about the different continents and making musical instruments Year 3 have been reading, drawing and designing, as well as completing some maths problems. Have a look at George's bear design; Habiba's observational drawing of a Euphorbia stem and the reimagined book covers of Bella and Clara.  This week in Year 4 pupils have been continuing the story of a pick pocket called Toby.  In maths Year 4 have been practising written methods of addition and subtraction. They have also been planning their own computer game.  It has been great to see so many Year 4 pupils doing the Big Pedal this week and getting outside to do exercise.  Meanwhile Year 5 have revisited Fractions in maths, created their very own animations at home and spent more time in preparation for their upcoming Public Speaking - they’ve even learnt a bit about how to send emails!! Tommy made some bunting out of coloured card, decorated it with Union Jacks and hung it in his garden to celebrate VE day. We include an amazing photograph of Tommy’s great grandad Tom Woodruff who joined up in 1941 at age of 20, and went to North Africa and saw action in Italy.  For Year 6 home learning this week has involved nonsense poems and emotive writing in English, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions in maths and visualising in guided reading.  As well this, we have a stick family made by Philip and some home baking by Sophie.  

Not bad for a 4 day week! See above for some extra big pedal, big breakfast and VE day photos....


Summer A, Week Two

Nursery's topic is Water. Children have been learning about plants this week. They have been busy planting seeds and drawing flowers. They have also been busy with counting/number activities.  Reception have been learning about flowers and how they grow, making their own flower pictures and labelling them. They also explored 2D shapes and enjoyed reading 'The Night Pirates', which inspired children to make their own pirate ships and treasure maps!  Year 1 have been working hard both indoors and out, getting creative in the garden with scavenger hunts and planting, and practising musical instruments. As well as this they've practised telling the time with clocks they've made themselves.  Year 2 have been working very hard all week, particularly in Maths. They've used coins to make different amounts and Alexander even made his own shop! The children wrote recipes too. Can you see the imperative verbs that Eva has used in her fairy cakes recipe?   Year 3 have been investigating parts of a flower and plants, as well as learning how to multiply using arrays, number lines and the grid method and started their new topic; 'The Romans'- we've seen some lovely mosaics. They have also been developing methods for persuasive writing, with for and against arguments about whether the Yeti is real or not, with text based on their story 'The Abominable Snowman'.  Year 4 have been have been focusing on shape and symmetry as well as exploring the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, whilst in topic, they have been learning about British Monarchs and in particular, King Henry VIII. They have had fun creating an advert for a wife for Henry!  Members of Year 5 have been very busy this week completing science experiments, developing emotive writing and consolidating their knowledge of shapes' areas and perimeters, as well as taking part in 2.6 challenges (Henry P completed a 2.6 mile run!), thereby fostering their mental well-being just as much as their academic abilities.  Year 6s home learning includes various images, ranging from senses poems and emotive writing in English to album covers & Beethoven research in music; crime and punishment timelines in history to E-safety board games in computing and ultimate question storyboards in RE.

What a busy week! We hope you enjoy the slideshow from Week Two!




Mrs Welland set all year groups a task for the Easter Holidays to create a drawing to depict the challenges we are all experiencing and to express our thanks to keyworkers during these difficult times. A huge well done to everyone who completed and sent in a picture, Mrs Welland hopes she has managed to include them all. A big thank you also to Libby, Henry, Alfie, Lotta and Maya for their wonderful recordings of the poem.

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