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Beat the Teacher!

Before half term we asked you to give us some challenges. We got lots and lots of suggestions, so we have chosen some to complete. Have a look and choose one (or more) to try for yourself. Let us know if you manage to 'Beat the Teacher'!........

How do you think they will get on?

Mrs Welland could not resist the challenge set for her by the children who were attending Prae Wood in the week before half term, which was to walk around the lake dressed as a crocodile, but which Mrs Welland really thought was to see how many people she could make smile. We think that she must have brightened the day of anyone who saw her in the park....

Mrs Lockwood took on the challenge of trying to cycle and keep a balloon in the air. Unfortunately it was a bit of a windy day, so the balloon was replaced with a beach ball. The challenge was set by the children who have seen Mrs Lockwood cycling through the park on her way to and from school. Click on the videos to see how she got on!

Attempt 1...
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Miss Cotton had to attempt to draw as many animals as she could in a minute, blindfold. Imagine how good they would be if she could actually see!..

Let Miss Clarke wow you with her encyclopaedic knowledge of Harry Potter characters. How many can she name in a minute?

Have you ever wondered how many pillows Mrs Collinge could balance on her head? No? Nor have we, but let's find out as she tackles the challenge set to her...

Are you surprised by their hidden talents?

Amelia set Mrs Lesnik a challenge to see if she could make herself feature more than once in a photograph, without using editing or photoshop once the shutter had clicked. We think she did an amazing job!......

Miss Oldham had to see how many times she could write the alphabet out in a minute
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Mrs Cohen enjoyed completing a sporty challenge and even spotted Mr Pugh in the distance as she was filming it...

The sporty theme continued for Mrs Paine, as she tracked how many times she could jump a skipping rope in a minute

Mr Pugh took on the first of the food/taste-related challenges, and tried to bite into a lemon without changing his facial expression

Mrs Field was also brave enough to take on the lemon challenge. Do you think she can beat Mr Pugh?

Mrs Lodge showed us what a talent she has for using chopsticks, with a challenge that required her to pick up Smarties

Mrs Walton tested how fast she could recite the alphabet backwards...
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Ms Cross wanted to see if she could rival Mrs Chapman's effort on the hopping challenge...

Is Miss Gregory hopping mad? She also decided to hop, hop, hop. Does she beat Mrs Chapman? Can you beat them both?

Meanwhile Ms Cameron-Griffiths found her entertainment attempting to ride around on the world's tiniest bicycles...

And how do you think Mrs Chapman did on Imanii's challenge to eat as many spicy crisps as she could?

Mrs Moore was set a 'cherry challenge' and had to move fruits from one bowl to another, blindfold

We have a feeling that Margot the dog was the most pleased with this challenge. How many times do you think Ms Charsley can flip a pancake in one minute?

Did they show a competitive nature?             Did they show resilience?

Mrs Robinson and Miss Rogers kept up the food theme, and accepted the rather tasty challenge to see how slowly they could eat a jaffa cake, BUT, they decided they would prefer to see if they could beat the world record and test how many they could consume in a minute

But can Mrs Mooney beat them?

And here is a little challenge for you all, from a very special guest. Let us know how you get on with Santa's challenge

Can YOU 'Beat the Teacher'? Choose a challenge and let us know how well you do....