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Year 5 Public Speaking Challenge 2020

'Which job is the most important in the world?' 

This week, Year 5 have been receiving feedback about their speeches from our very special panel of judges. The question we asked them to respond to in their speech was: 'Which job is the most important in the world?'  As ever, our Year 5 children did not disappoint us and the choices they came up with were thoughtful and sometimes surprising!  Over the course of Summer A, they researched their topic and learned about persuasive language before starting to write. They then shared a draft of their speech with a partner who peer assessed it and helped them to improve it before they edited.  Finally, the children spent a week learning about different presentation and performance techniques to help them deliver their speeches like true professionals. The judges have been blown away by the fantastic quality of all of the children's speeches.  We think you will be too so here are a few to give you a flavour.

A passionate and engaging speech from Arbel arguing that movie directors have the most important role in the world

Watch out Newsround presenters! An informative speech from Aurelia about the crucial role marine conservationists play in saving our planet

A moving, thought-provoking and original speech by Henry about the powerful role of translators in our society

A tremendous performance from Leo who convinces us that our bin men do much more for our society than simply taking away our refuse

Matilda's speech - arguing that teaching is the most important profession in the world - made us all a little bit emotional!

Ever thought that a dressmaker is the most important job in the world? Probably not. However, we think watching Noah's speech might change your mind!

Next up is Noah - our resident scientist - who convinces us that being a microbiologist is the most important profession in the world

Well done to everyone in Year 5; the effort you have all put in to your work and the quality of your final presentations is absolutely phenomenal. It has been so interesting to see the range of answers to the initial question 'Which job is the most important in the world?'

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