Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning

Our Libraries

Thanks to the PWSA for their sterling fundraising efforts enabling us to purchase such a broad collection for BOTH our libraries - there really is a book here for every pupil

Every morning break, Key Stage 1 classes are welcomed into the Monkey Puzzle Library.  They can choose to look at books with a friend or by themselves, or they can vote to choose a story for Librarian Mrs Hunt to read to a group.  There a few soft toys on the shelves for pupils to cuddle too. 

THE ROTA FOR CLASSES IS AS FOLLOWS: Monday - Beech; Tuesday - Pine; Wednesday - Chestnut; Thursday -Elm; Friday - any Key Stage 1 class

We limit attendees to 15 each day so remind your child to queue up at the start of break outside Monkey Puzzle if they would like to enjoy a story. They just need to bring an indoor voice and a love of books.....

In Elder, our KS2 Library,  with the very kind help of the Elderberries and a team of parent and other helpers we now have over 1700 fiction books on the shelves for pupils to choose from. 
All Y6s and Y5s have received an induction to the Library and they have started checking out, returning and reserving their books.   They can take out two books at a time for two weeks and can bring the book to Mrs Hunt to renew if they need it for longer.

There has already been a real buzz in the Library with pupils recommending books for their friends to read next.....

Thank you to our volunteer helpers Mrs Kakati, Mrs Green, Mrs Pazdernik, Mrs Dowle, Mrs Harding and Ms Sheppard for their support in helping to catalogue all our wonderful new books and get them on to the shelves for our pupils to enjoy

Our Librarian

Mrs Hunt is our librarian and she oversees everything in our libraries in

Monkey Puzzle (KS1) 

Elder (KS2) 

Her team of volunteers from Year 6, the Elderberries, help her in library duties.

She can help you find books about subjects that interest you, or inspire you to read some texts that you might not have thought about before.

Mrs Roshan Hunt, Librarian
Mrs Roshan Hunt, Librarian