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Today I have driven up to Caythorpe Court to visit Y6 and bring them their dry clothes - so thank you to those of you who dropped a change of clothes into school - they were gratefully received on arrival!!  Although the rain wasn't quite as torrential as it was on Tuesday it has been another wet and muddy day ... however, the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves completing activities such as Jacobs Ladder, the Vertical Challenge, fencing and quad biking. This evening they have enjoyed a final evening of games together. Everyone I have spent time with today has said they have had a fantastic experience and are proud of themselves for at least one thing they have achieved this week! from Mrs Sheppard

Thursday's messages home:

Hi mum, dad, Ben and Bailey,
I have got to the top of everything except Jacob’s ladder but was one away. I liked most activities except orienteering. I am in a room with Stefan, Nick, Dylan, Sammy and Josh Banfield. I went really fast in the Quad biking! Love, Luke C 

Dear mum and dad,
PGL is absolutely awesome! I’ve done some many activities that I don’t know where to start! Today I did the Jacob’s ladder with Libby and Esme. I’ve got a photo. I hope it came out ok. We got all the way up to the top even though it was super tricky and high! I also did climbing, fencing ( which was super fun)and quad-biking! My favourite activities were the giant swing and trapeze and Jacob’s ladder. It’s rained for ages but it has been really fun anyway. I miss you loads and Django. I loved your letter- I am so glad I got it. The food here is awesome and my bed is super comfy. My trainers are kind of wrecked- I am so glad Grandad send my other ones.
Love you so much,



I’ve managed to complete all the activities and the food is great. For the first couple of days it was rainy, but since the rain has stopped it’s been cheerful and amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and my own bedroom! I have had a great experience (feeling scared was one of the emotions!)

See you tomoz 

From Nicholas 


Hi Tahlia, Mummy + Daddy,

I have had the most amazing time, I caught the pole on Trapeze, got to the top of All Aboard and I loved quad biking it was so fun. 

Love you + miss you so, so, so so much. 



Dear Mum + Dad

I miss you so much. We’ve done loads of activities. Tuesday I did Giant Swing and OMG sooooooooo much fun. Wednesday we did Trapeze I went to the top, did the bum shuffle but was too scared to stand up and jump to the bar. Today’s Thursday the first thing me and Sara and my group did was quad bikes. I went so fast it was so fun. Next we did Jacob’s Ladder, it was so wobbly! 

I love Mia so much, I miss her (no lies). Oh yeah I love you Mum and Dad too. 




I’m in a room with Ilona, Taiya, Esme and Libby S. I’ve really enjoyed PGL so far and it’s been a good experience. On Tuesday I went on All Aboard with Ilona and Taiya and I made it to the  top. Later on me and Taiya went on the Giant Swing together and went to the full height. On Wednesday I went on the Trapeze and got to the top and did the ‘Clifton/Thornton’ pose. We also did abseiling and it was really fun. Today I went on Jacob’s Ladder with Ilona and Taiya and we had a blast. In the afternoon, I went on the climbing wall with Ilona and we both got to the top. PGL has been amazing.....

From Jake


Hi, mummy and family. I miss all of you soooo much  Thank you so much for the card.  I have done soooo much and had lots of fun.  I got to nearly the top of most stuff. The Giant Swing was so fun but the drop scared me and I screamed soooo loud! Tell Ridwhan that I went on Quad Bikes, hope he is jealous ( I went so fast)!  I miss your kisses and hugs. Ridwhan , I miss your driving, Laila I miss you,  even though you are very annoying!


Xxxxxxxx - lots of kisses


Hi, I'm at PGL. Everything has been absolutely fantastic. So far I have done a lot. The weather has been decent and all the activities are exquisite. I am sharing a room with Katie and Charlotte which is great. I have had a great time here and I think this is amazing. The food is amazing and I have eaten alot. 

Thanks for reading. Parisa 

Dear family, 

I have missed you so much from the bottom of my heart. Without you, I wouldn't be here. I love you so much. Did you know that I'm not scared of heights anymore- I'm so excited for the Vertical Challenge on Friday. I've seen the letter you wrote to me and it was lovely. Did you also know I went to the top of the Giant Swing-now that was scary! I can't wait to give you a big hug. 

Love Otman

Dear Mum, Dad, Florence and Annie, 

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! Anyway, so far I'm doing really well on my activities and have really surprised myself. The Giant Swing is the only thing that I was really scared of. The best thing here is probably the food. I've hardly gotten any sleep but that's fine because I got to talk alot. The weather hasn't exactly been ideal but we've put up with it and managed not to walk into any newly formed lakes. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and the dogs and the TV. See you soon. 

Love William 

Dear Family, 

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I am doing fine  despite the weather. I am missing you all badly. I have overcome my fear of heights and have done several activities I have never done before. This includes the Trapeze, abseiling, orienteering, rock climbing, the Giant swing, All Aboard, fencing and archery. I am actually quite surprised because the food is great and so is my room. Anyway, once again I miss you all and I will see you on Friday. 

Bye, from Matthew 


I really miss you right now. Got my letter- who drew that really weird picture? I went to the top of the Trapeze and All Aboard. I also went all the way on the Giant Swing and trust me, it's Giant! We did quad biking and to be honest I really don't want my driving licence because I want to drive a quad bike instead! On Jacob's ladder I only made it to the 4th log. I did the climbing wall and I got really high. I really miss you and its really silent without Iesa shouting that he won a victory royal on Fortnite! Love you from Alisha x 


Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m having a wonderful time at PGL. Today we did Jacob’s Ladder with Luke C and Will. Although we didn’t get to the top we had a great time, it was really difficult. Outside our window a family of bunny rabbits come out each night jumping around gleefully. 



Dear Mum, Dad + Malia,

Today (Thursday) I did the Vertical Challenge which is where you go up a wobbly ladder, onto some tyres, climb a wall and then go up some ropes (all on top of each other). I also went up Jacob’s Ladder and the Giant Swing. There was a Trapeze 20 metres in the air and I got onto it. (I’ll tell you all about when I get back!)

Love you Steff XXX

Dear Mum and Dad

I miss you although I am having fun.  Today we did Fencing, the Climbing Wall, Jacob’s Ladder and Quad Biking. In my room is me, Chloe, Sara, Scarlet, Libby W and Alisha.  On the Giant Swing I went to the top.  I had the disco war which was sooooo fun. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow

Love From Millie

Hello! I am in a room with Taiya, Jake, Ilona and Libby! I got to the top of Trapeze and did the Giant Swing with Libby (I cried a lot)! The disco was on Wednesday; it was lots of fun. It has been raining here but we are still happy and just about to go on Jacobs Ladder. My favourite thing was the Trapeze and  I jumped onto hte bar even though it looked really far. The food is very nice especially the fires and fish fingers. See you when I get back.

From Esme

Dear Mum and Dad

Firstly, thanks for the clothes. The Giant Swing, disco and all the other activities so far have been fun,  I have just finished Quad Biking ( I went too fast around corners)!

Thanks for the card. I have had great meals and loads of sleep! This place is AWESOME! I’ve recently finished the Climbing Wall (twice).  The first time I got to the top on the easiest side and then I got to the top on the hardest side.  It’s Latieef’s birthday today and lucky us, we got cake.

Jay has been helped lots by me - I got him to the top of The Giant Swing and boosted him up Jacob’s Ladder, even though I  wasn’t going up with him.  Anyway, that’s the kind of thing that happens here! 

Love you


PS slightly missing you!

To my family,
I am having a great time at PGL! It’s been a bit wet though! I hope you are coping without my awesomeness! I went to the top on the giant swing and the all abroad. I’m in a room with Olive, Harriet and Grace- we’ve had a lot of laughs! I’m excited to see what’s to come and to see you guys! Love you

To mum and dad,
On Wednesday, I had a great time in the trapeze and archery. Although the food is nice some of it is not halal. I also had a good time with Kuba, Osian and Jay.

Hello mum
Everything is fine here- I’m really, really, really enjoying it. Hope everything is good back at home. I really miss you and dad and Zaf. We’ve been doing activity such as abseiling, trapeze, quad biking, giant swing and the vertical challenge. Don’t worry about me, I am doing absolutely fine.
Love you xxx


Hi, it's me the amazing person! It's Wednesday and today we did the Trapeze,abseiling and orienteering. When I did the Trapeze I got to the top! By the way I'm sharing a room with Libby, Esme, Taiya and Jane. Yesterday we did the Giant Swing and it was amazing! Also we did All Aboard and I got to the top of that too! Unfortunately we have had really rainy weather but luckily the sun came out this afternoon. We're about to go and get ready for the disco now.
Lots of love Ilona x

Hi mum and dad,
I'm having a GREAT time at PGL. I'm missing you guys and looking forward to getting back to see you both. All of the activities are really fun. Some of the ones I've done are Giant Swing, Trapeze, Jacob's Ladder, All Aboard, sensory trail and archery. It's fun here and everyone is so supportive and nice. I've got to the top of the Giant Swing and Trapeze and I almost got to the top of Jacob's Ladder. I'll see you all on Friday.
Love you lots Harry xx

Hello Mum and Joanna (SS & SJ)
I'm having a great time at PGL!! I have grown taller from the Giant Swing. I'm guessing it was 36 metres tall or higher. But I hope you are having a good time. Miss you loads.
From MJ (Josh S)
Hello Mum and Dad
I’m doing great!  In the past days I’ve been doing Abseiling , that’s when you have a rope and you have to go down a wall.  I’ve been doing many more activities. I have done Quad Biking, I was really excited.  By the way , don’t let Tia touch my phone! Bye! 
Love Judd
Dear Family 
PGL is bare fun and I actually like the activities here. Most of them are high but that doesn’t bother me because I have a harness on me which stops me from falling.  My favourite activity has been the Giant Swing because it’s just fun and I like swings (you’ll understand when you see the DVD).  I was scared on Jacob’s Ladder but I made it to the 6th platform with the help of Matthew, Miss Rogers, Mrs Mooney and lots of PGL staff encouraging me.  Eventually I achieved my goal. 
From Mohammed


Dear Parents

I have thoroughly enjoyed my three days at PGL with YG. Today, I have shed a tear on many occasions when children have surprised themselves and proved just how brave they are. The children have been an absolute credit to Prae Wood (and you!) – PGL leaders have commented how rare it is to have such supportive children who encourage and cheer on their peers so enthusiastically. This year we haven’t had to worry about dehydration or sunburn but the children have learnt that clothes don’t dry when left on the floor! However, it’s remained largely dry today and I know the children are exhilarated with their achievements so far. I am on my way home and they are off to the disco!

Mrs Lockwood

More messages from the children:

Hi, Dear Mum
It’s Wednesday, we’ve done really amazing things!  So first,  (I can’t remember the order). I went to the top of The Giant Swing!  The weather is not amazing but that hasn’t ruined our fun.  Today I did the Trapeze and got to the top (it’s so high and fun) . Also Abseiling was today and I was kind of scared at first but it was fun!  One of our low activities was low ropes and we had lots of activities/ obstacles to get past in groups of three and had to spot each other. 
From Taiya❤️
Hi Mum and Dad. 
It’s great. I’ve done Archery, Giant Swing, many high things and I’m going to do Quad Bikes and much more. 
From Luke K


Mum and Dad
Today I did Trapeze, Jacob’s Ladder, archery and sensory trail! I’ve also done lots of other stuff like the Giant Swing and All Aboard. In my room I have: Rhia, Ella, Jenan, Ellie and Me :) I miss you guys loads and I will be back soon and say hi to Nala for me. ❤️
From Charlotte M
Hello Mum, Dad and Oli,
I’m having fun despite the rainy weather. It’s been really fun. Today I conquered the Trapeze, archery and the sensory trail. I really miss you all. 
From Josh B
Dear Mum, Dad and Alfie,
I’m having a good time. It’s been really fun. My favourite thing is All Aboard. I got all the way to the top. 
Love you Mum, Dad and Alfie
Joe B. 
Hi, I really like PGL so far. We have done archery, Giant Swing, Trapeze, All Aboard and I’m really enjoying it. The food here is scrumptious and despite all the rain today, it has been such a good time. See you on Friday evenings. XXXXXX
From Osian 
Dear Mum and Dad
At PGL, it is really great, I’ve done so many activities. I even climbed a third of the way up the Trapeze. Although I’m having a great time, I really miss you. 
I hope you have fun. 
Hello Mum, Dad and brothers,
I am having so much fun. I did the Trapeze and archery and I loved it!
Love you so much. 
From Blessing
It’s Libby. PGL is really fun and exciting (and rainy!) Yesterday, me and Esme went on the Giant Swing and it was so much fun. After we did archery and I got it in the middle. Now we are getting ready for the disco. 
From Libby S
Hi Mum and Dad,
I’m loving PGL and it is really fun. Also, I’m really happy with my room and in my day group are: Ilona, Jake, Taiya, Ben, Grace, Harriet and etc. The meals are really good, so far for breakfast we have had sausages or bacon which are really nice. My favourite meal has been the lasagna. I’m currently about to get changed as tonight we have our disco. Today I have done many activities like abseiling, low ropes, Trapeze and orienteering! I did them all and most are the height of our house or more. Can’t wait to get home but am having a great time. 
Dear Mum and Dad,
I am having a great time at PGL. Today I went on the Trapeze, abseiling and low ropes. Trapeze was definitely my favourite and I caught the bar. It was scary!!!!  Yesterday, I went on the Giant Swing with Grace and I went to the top!! The weather is ok, however it is not stopping me from having fun. I’m excited for the next few days at PGL and also can’t wait to see you. 
Lots of love from Harriet XX
Hi Mum and Dad,
PGL is great. I haven’t been scared of anything. I love it here! I hope your having an AMAZING time. I am about to go to the disco, so I have to go now. 
Hope you’re healthy and happy. 
From Zac
Dear Family,
I’m really enjoying PGL! So far I’ve got the top of everything and we’ve been on the Giant Swing, the Trapeze, All Aboard, abseiling, sensory trail and more. I’m excited for the next adventures. The food is good and I like the room I’m in. I miss you a lot. I can’t wait to come home but also I don’t because it’s so fun. 
Love you 
From Grace
Dear Mum and Dad and Leo,
I am really enjoying PGL. I got to the top of the Giant Swing and All Aboard. Got to the top of the Trapeze not once but twice and did abseiling. I am really missing you and was homesick on Monday, but I am ok now. I’m ready for what’s next. See you on Friday. 
Jacob S 
Hi Mum ‘N Dad,
It’s Wednesday right now and it’s the only sunny day so far. My fav activities so far are the  Giant Swing and the Trapeze. I don’t know what to write and all in all PGL is pretty good.  
See you soon bye,
By Sammy. 
I’ve had a fun time even though it has been wet but yesterday I did The Giant Swing. It was really scary, it was so high.  The day before we did All Aboard. I did The trapeze today, I felt good because I made the jump to finish it. I did The Abseiling I was really good at it and I really enjoyed it. I’m just getting ready for the disco. Yesterday we went to the PGL shop and I bought Ameera an IPhone rubber and a pencil. I really miss you and I’m looking forward to seeing Ameera and you both on Friday. 
From Obaid xxx


What a day! We have been absolutely blown away by the kids resilience and determination today! Despite the relentless rain, they have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, encouraged each other to reach their goals and remained cheerful throughout! They really are doing you (and all of us) all proud.
We're hopeful for a drier day tomorrow but if not, we've got lots of radiators to dry our clothes and shoes out and to keep us warm...
Miss Rogers, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lockwood, Mr Kram, Mrs Velasco and Mrs Mooney


Messages from some of the children:
Dear Mother and Father
I am having loads of fun at PGL.  I am in a room with Charlotte, Rhia, Ellie and Jenan.  We went on the Giant Swing and it was sooooo fun. We also went on All Aboard and I got to the top with Jenan.  I really miss Ginger and Charlie. But the meals are surprisingly really nice and we got loads of sweets at the shop and gifts.  We also went on an obstacle course blindfolded. 
From Ella
To Mum
Hello. We had a great day today .  We went on The Giant Swing and it was so fun.  I got to the top with Ollie and it was great. 
Love Jay
Today at PGL I had great fun.  I got to the to the top of All Aboard and The Giant Swing.  It is pouring today and we got soaking, but it’s fine we are keeping warm.  We did the sensory trail and Areoball. I will see you soon and I will do my best on the coming activities. 
Love you. 
Bye Tom
Today was very rainy. I went on the giant swing with Luke R! We went to the top! We missed Aeroball today due to the rain this morning but had time in our rooms. I’m sharing with Luke K, Harry, Tom, Judd and Zac. I’m looking forward to quad biking.

Dear Parents,
Hi, I’m having a great time. My favourite thing is the giant swing that goes 300 mph. Just been to the shop and I’ve bought myself a bouncy ball. When I come home I will cause trouble with it!  I’m having a great time with my amazing friends. Bye bye guys.
From Kuba :)

I feel very tired but I don’t mind because I am having an amazing time. I feel comfortable in my room as I like who I’m sharing with. Today I did the giant swing and went all the way to the top! I made it to the platform on All Aboard - it was scary. The weather isn’t the best. Miss you all.
Bye Katie
So far at PGL we’ve done aeroball (basketball on trampolines) and All Aboard, however the most amazing thing for me was the giant swing. I went with Alisha to the top. The first swing felt like a tingle in my stomach. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are amazing, the food here is paradise. In my room are me, Chloe, Millie, Scarlet, Sara and Alisha. I’m loving it here, doing all the cool activities, hanging with my friends and eating! Today we went to the shop and bought lots of goodies. The downside of being here is the weather but that didn’t stop us from doing all the activities. 
Lots of love from Libby W xxx
Hi Mum, Dad and Aryan 
I’m am having an amazing time but it is raining and today I’m going to do the giant swing. I am in a room with Josh, Steff, Nick, Sammy and Luke C. I am really missing you and I’ll see you soon. 
Dear Family 
I miss you all SOOO much. PGL has been really fun, we have so far done : Giant Swing, All Aboard and sensory trail. It has been really rainy here. In my room is Ella, Charlotte, Rhia and Ellie. It has been really fun in our room. Tomorrow we are having a disco and I am so excited. We have bought souvenirs for the family, but I am going to keep it a surprise. Hope Noah is doing well with his dissertation.  
Love you miss you. 
From Jenan 
Dear mum, dad and Charl,
Me and my friends are enjoying our stay despite the bad weather. I'm staying here with Obaid, Otman and Mohammed. Today we were 'All Aboard' and the orienteering activity. We are really enjoying our stay here at PGL.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Mum and Dad,
I hope you have had an amazing birthday mum. Today we went on the Giant Swing (so fun) We also did the All Aboard and I went to the top and it was so fun and scary. About half the people got to the top. It was great fun. It has been very wet here and hasn't stopped raining. I miss you both a lot. I've loved hanging out with lots of different people. I hope you are enjoying being in St Albans.
Lots of love Olive xxx

Hi mum. I am at PGL and it is really good even though it is bad weather, it doesn't the spoil the fun of it. I went on the Giant Swing, a really big swing. I also got to the top of All Aboard (a massive tower) I really miss you.
From Charlie
P. S. Love you

Hi Robe +Nard,
I'm at PGL and I'm in a room with Blessing, Joe and Charlie! I went on the Giant Swing and I climbed to the top of All Aboard (a big tower) It's great here even though the weather is bad its still so much fun.
From Jacob F (+spongebob)
P. S hope Bobby is ok
Today has been one of the best days of my life. We have done sensory trail,All aboard (I struggled to get onto the second platform because It was wet and slippy and couldn’t pull myself up) and Giant swing. This was AMAZING!!I am missing you and my brother but I really looking forward to tomorrow. Love you lots.
Luke R xxxx
P. S. We went to the shop and bought Marshmallows,teddy bear PGL letting and a pencil with eraser.
Hi mum and dad,
So far I have done giant swing, all aboard and sensory trail. I had a good day. Look forward to seeing you went I get back.
Ben Clewlow
Hello mum and dad. Today I did All Aboard, Aeroball, Sensory Trail and The Giant Swing.  My favourite was The Giant Swing because I got to the top (the highest point).  I screamed very loud. For dinner I had chicken nuggets and fries with cucumber and for pudding I had lemon cake (also an apple).  For breakfast I had cornflakes and another apple, for lunch I had a jacket potato and cheese. Our instructors are Ebony and Jake. The rain is really annoying but we are keeping warm.
Love from Charlotte Dwight xxx
Phew, we've arrived safe and soggy!! Despite the rain, we had a fun filled time at the farm and particularly enjoyed ourselves in the (indoor) soft play area. 
The kids are currently running around inspecting each others rooms, after a filling dinner of chicken curry or sausages and mash. 
They'll shortly head off for their evening entertainment (a whole site game of Cluedo) and then we anticipate them to be in bed and asleep by 9.30 :) 

Here's some photos of their groups and we'll send some messages from the kids tomorrow. 

Rest assured, they're all happy and excited about the activities to come tomorrow - Will even commented that the high activities don't look as high as he thought!! 

Miss Rogers, Mrs Robinson, Mr Kram, Mrs Velasco, Mrs Lockwood and Mrs Mooney

King Harry Lane, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 4HZ

01727 751930