Pupil Voice

Pupils in Years 1-6 are invited to represent their class in a variety of roles. The various groups usually meet once a half-term to discuss topics pertinent to the school. There are 2 pupil representatives from every class and they mix with other pupils across the year groups in their staff-led meetings.

We encourage children to volunteer for the roles who are confident to speak in groups, passionate about the subject and able to retain information, which they will share with their class after each meeting.

Classes vote to elect their reps so, while children may not always get the role they would like, they have the chance to nominate themselves and take part in the voting process all the way from Year 1 up to Year 6.


The School Council is responsible for positive change within the school, e.g. updating the playground equipment, bringing forward any ideas that we have had in class (e.g. using recycling bins etc.) The reps must relay messages to the class that have been discussed at school council meetings.

Our Eco-warriors are responsible for engaging in discussions regarding the environment and how to help the planet in our everyday activities, both in school and in the wider community (turning off lights / computers etc.)

PWSA reps meet to discuss fund-raising events or ideas to promote the activities planned by the PWSA (the Prae Wood School Association- our PTA). The focus might be on things like the school library, depending on the current fundraising focus of the PWSA itself, but also includes planning for events like the Summer and Christmas Fairs etc.

Pupils taking on this role will be naturally interested and excited by sports. Some of the key tasks involve helping Mrs Paine with sports events as well as playground games and equipment.