Prae Wood Primary School

Prae Wood Primary School

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´╗┐Admissions Information

We are unable to offer on-site tours for prospective pupils this year. Please view our Virtual Tour video for applications for September 2022

For general information on the application processes, visit

Applying for a school place for September 2022. Apply online at 

We are a fully inclusive school. If your child has a special educational need or disability please feel free to talk to us about the arrangements we have in place to meet their needs. Please also see the Disability Equality scheme. Our SENCO is Mrs Tracey Lockwood and she can be contacted through the school office

When should my child start school?

Click here to view the HCC Date checking tool

Date of Birth Start Nursery Start Reception Start Secondary
1/9/2017 to 31/8/2018 September 2021 September 2022 September 2029
1/9/2018 to 31/8/2019 September 2022 September 2023 September 2030
1/9/2019 to 31/8/2020 September 2023 September 2024 September 2031
1/9/2020 to 31/8/2021 September 2024 September 2025 September 2032
1/9/2021 to 31/8/2022 September 2025 September 2026 September 2033

We are not currently able to offer in-person tours of Prae Wood  Primary School and/or Nursery

Nursery Admissions - 2022-23

Applying for a Nursery place for September 2022. Parents apply directly to Prae Wood School

Monday 1st November 2021: Applications for September 2022 Nursery places will open 

Friday 25th February 2022: Applications for September 2022 Nursery places will close 

Wednesday 16th March 2022: Schools will write to parents offering a place 

Wednesday 23rd March 2022: Parents must accept or decline a place by this date

Late applications to the school will be dealt with once places have been allocated


CLICK HERE to download an application form for Nursery 2022

Reception Admissions - 2022-23

Applying for a school place for September 2022. Apply online at

Application for Reception 2022 opens in November 2021. Applications are made online directly to HCC

Application Deadline for Primary (Reception)/Junior/Middle): 

2nd November 2021 – you can apply for a primary, junior and middle school to start in September 2021

15th January 2022 – deadline for on time applications

Secondary Transfer

Applications open: 1st September 2021

Applications close: 31st October 2021

Allocation day: 1st March 2022

Please see: for a full list of all secondary application dates

Moving on 2022, please click here for more information on School open events and key dates for secondary transfer


In-Year Admissions

In-Year applications are processed centrally by Hertfordshire County Council.

Please see:

for further information.