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The School Day

Please make sure that the school office has all the relevant paperwork and information regarding your child; let us know of any changes in circumstances, contact details, lunch choices, medical updates etc. so that we are well-prepared for the children. 

The School Day

In the morning, the gates will open at 8.45am and close promptly at 8.55am. Please do not arrive earlier than 8.45am to queue because this will upset our neighbours. At the end of the day, the two gates for KS1 will open at 3.10pm and close at 3.25pm. Again, please do not arrive and queue outside the school site earlier than 3.10pm.

Nursery: 9.00-12.00 or 9.00-3.00 (access via pedestrian gate at front of school to Nursery door)

Children in nursery should be brought and collected from the main nursery door*. The nursery door will open at 8.55am and parents should queue along the pathway leading up to the nursery. At midday children attending the morning session should be collected from the nursery door and those children staying for the afternoon session should be collected at 3pm*.

*Unless they are attending Breakfast or RASCals clubs – entry is round the back of the school through the Ash Room door – please access via the main entrance and walk across the car park & main playground.

Reception: 8.50 – 3.15 (access via Corinium Gate and Top Gate)

Keystage One (Y1 & Y2): 8.50 – 3.15 (access via Corinium Gate and Top Gate)

Keystage Two (Y3 - Y6): 8.50 – 3.25 (access via Waitrose Gate)

Parents of children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should bring and collect their child from their classroom door.

Children in KS2 with younger siblings to drop first should do so and then continue walking up towards the KS2 playground to meet their teacher and line up.

Children in KS2 without younger siblings should enter via the Waitrose gate to meet their teacher and line up. KS2 Parents will not be permitted onto the playground in the morning to aid a swift and smooth start to the school day.

Collecting at the end of the School Day

At the end of the school day children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should be collected from their classroom door. Children in KS2 should be collected from the KS2 playground. The year groups will line up in order with Year 3 lining up nearest their classroom block and Year 6 lining up nearest the hall.

Parents collecting younger siblings should walk up and wait on the edge of the main KS2 playground and parents collecting only children from KS2 should enter via the Waitrose gate and wait in the same area.

If children in Year 6 are walking home alone please email your permission in writing, otherwise we will not allow children to walk home without an adult.

Please note we do not allow younger siblings to walk home with Year 6 children and once the clocks change children in Year 6 attending an after school club must be collected by an adult (eg. at 4.30pm).

Children attending Little RASCals or RASCals will be collected from their classrooms (or from an after-school club if attending first) by RASCals staff.

Things to bring to school everyday:

  • Clearly named water bottle containing water (NOT juice – children will not be permitted to drink juice throughout the day in school)
  • Clearly named lunch box (if bringing own lunch to school – NO nuts or nut products please & lunch boxes should contain a healthy, balanced meal, NO sweets or chocolate please)
  • KS2 children may bring a ‘healthy’ snack to school for morning break (a piece of fruit / cereal bar / crackers etc – preferably not crisps) (Children in EYFS & KS1 are provided with fruit from the government scheme)
  • Reception & KS1 children will need to bring their school bookbag to school every day, containing their reading book, reading record and phonics pack (No rucksacks please as bookbags are stored in the group reading boxes)
  • KS2 children may bring a small bag / rucksack to school, containing their reading book, reading record etc)
  • A named coat / sunhat / accessories according to the weather
  • Children in EYFS & KS1 may choose to keep a small draw string bag on their peg with spare clothes (this does not need to be uniform just something they can change into if they have a toilet accident)

PE lessons

PE lessons for Y1 –Y6 will start from Monday 6th September* and children should wear their PE kit to school on the relevant day; please see the table below.

*children should wear full school uniform on Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd September

Monday Y2 Ball Skills outdoors
Y5 Swimming
Tuesday Nursery PE in Redwood
Y2 PE outdoors
Y3 Netball on MUGA
Y4 Gymnastics in the hall
Wednesday Reception PE in Redwood
Y1 PE outdoors
Y6 Gymnastics in the hall
Thursday Nursery PE in Redwood
Y1 PE outdoors 
Y5 Gymnastics in the hall
Friday Reception PE in Redwood
Y3 PE in hall
Y6 Football on the field (weather permitting) 


Covid Update & Reporting Procedures over half term – IMPORTANT – Please read

We continue to have a steady number of positive cases reported in all year groups across the school and we have seen an increase over the past two weeks in positive cases amongst staff. So whilst we are doing our very best to get ‘back to normal’ for the children, it is still a difficult situation to manage in school and we will continue to have our outbreak management plan in place after half-term.

Thankfully, most children have either been completely asymptomatic or only slightly unwell and have made a quick recovery. I would like to thank parents/carers for continuing to remain vigilant when looking out for the possible signs and for organising testing quickly as this has really helped to track the different trails of outbreak and to keep single cases as isolated ones. Thank you also for being proactive in recording positive results via the links on the school website – again this has helped us to act swiftly in supporting families with advice and home-learning as well as being able to log cases with the local health team who are advising schools on the steps to take based on each schools individual circumstance. Therefore, please understand the advice we are giving does change because it is based on our school situation at the time, and may be different to other schools or the general government guidance, as I must follow the advice provided by the local Covid heath team.

Over half-term please do continue to report a positive case immediately because this will help us to track any further outbreaks and we will inform classes if the number of cases reaches the threshold for further action to be taken. Please only return your child to school after half-term if they are fit and well and not displaying any symptoms of Covid. If anyone in your household should test positive during the half-term please remember to take your child for a PCR test and wait for the result before returning them to school.


The DfE is clear that it expects schools to strive to return to normality from September and therefore some of the Covid secure measures in place in school during 2020-21 will no longer be required. These are:

  • children will no longer be sent home to isolate if someone deemed to be a close contact tests positive, instead, children will only be required to isolate if they themselves test positive. This is a significant change and one that will cause far less disruption and uncertainty for everyone;
  • schools will no longer be required to operate in class or year group ‘bubbles’, although schools may use ‘bubbles’ as part of their contingency plan;
  • face coverings are no longer advised for staff or visitors in classrooms or communal areas, although it is expected and recommended that they are worn in enclosed and crowded spaces. Parents and staff may choose to continue to wear face coverings when moving around the school site during busy periods (eg. when dropping off and collecting children each day).


Please continue to be vigilant regarding symptoms of Covid-19 and follow government guidelines at all times:

  • parents/carers should not enter the school site (or bring siblings) if they are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19;
  • children with symptoms should not be brought to school – please arrange for your child to take a PCR test and they should remain at home until they have received the result;
  • children testing positive must not attend school and must complete the full isolation period

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