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The School Day, SUMMER TERM 2021

A number of systems have been put in place to enable the safe return to school for all pupils and staff. Please observe these guidelines and do your best to be on time at the start and finish of the day. We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Dropping off and collecting for the school day

Children attending Breakfast Club must arrive by 8:15 at the latest, to ensure that we can adhere to strict procedures to avoid mixing bubbles.

Please note the relevant times and access gates for your child's class in the table below. We will be using a ‘soft start’ to the school day for the children for a number of reasons:

  • to minimise the number of parents on site at the same time;
  • to help those of you with younger and/or older siblings who also need to be brought to school;
  • to give sufficient time and space for the children to enter the classroom, hang up their coat, then wash and dry their hands before starting their early morning activities;
  • to give those who need it a little more space and time to say goodbye at the classroom door (younger children) / school gate (older children)

If you need to drop siblings at different doors, please observe the time slots below, and observe our strict one-way system.

Please avoid queuing in the residential streets and footpaths around the school in the morning and observe social distancing at all times on the school site. We ask that as many families as possible walk to and from school or if you have to drive that you park further away from school and walk for the final part of your journey. Please DO NOT arrive early and queue around the school site, please be mindful of other members of the wider community. 

We will be using a ‘soft finish’ to the end of the day for the same reasons as above but primarily to keep parent numbers on site to a minimum and to reduce the need for parents to queue, so that safe social distancing measures can be adhered to by all adults.

Parents entering the school site to drop or collect children must wear a face covering at all times (unless exempt) and we ask that parents do not use this time as a social opportunity. Please do not gather at the school gates or walkways outside of school to chat; please do leave the area immediately. 

School Day for Summer B
School Day for Summer B

Parents should continue to wear a face covering when accessing the site

as it may not always be possible to implement social distancing at the start and end of the school day

Appointments during the school day

We understand that sometimes medical appointments such as a hospital visit must be attended during the school day, however routine doctor, dentist, optician appointments should be made outside of the school day. If your child must attend an appointment during the school day please observe the following:

  • Morning appointments- keep your child at home and return them to school at

    YR, Y1, Y2 = 12.50 (end of lunch)

    Y3-6 = 1.30  (end of lunch)

  • Afternoon appointments- collect your child before their lunch break and keep them at home for the remainder of the day. Collect at

    R,1,2 = 11.50 (beginning of lunch)

    3-6 = 12.30 (beginning of lunch)

Please bring children to or collect from outside the main office entrance (in the car park) where Mrs Sheppard, Mrs Lockwood or Miss Rogers will meet you. The Admin team are not able to move around the school site and so we need to introduce these timings to minimise the amount of time the Senior Leadership Team are collecting and delivering children.

Late arrivals and late collections

As part of our risk assessment, we have preventative measures in place to enable all parents to avoid this situation (eg. staggered start and finish times and a one-way system for entering and leaving the school site). Therefore, we do not expect any child to arrive late in the morning or parents to arrive late for collection at the end of the day. We all have a responsibility to ensure that all families and staff remain as safe as possible and therefore we ask parents to be respectful of this. The staff and children will be operating in bubbles inside and outside so our admin staff will not be part of any year group bubble and will not be allowing parents or children into the school office for the purpose of late arrivals or collections, for the time being. If for an unavoidable reason your child arrives late to school then please enter via the main gate, bringing your child up to the front of the school and wait outside in the carpark area with them. Once a member of the senior leadership team has finished admitting their year group into school one of them will collect your child from you and take them to their classroom door. Similarly, for late collections please come to the front of the office and your child will be brought to you. Your co-operation with being on time is appreciated.

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