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Prae Wood Governing Body

About the Governing Body: We are a team of Governors, volunteers with different backgrounds, experience and skills who support the staff and children at Prae Wood in their educational journey. We play an important role in the strategic management of the school and are accountable for many aspects of the school processes. At Prae Wood we work closely with the Headteacher in a supportive yet challenging role. Our key purpose is to ensure that the vision, management and development of the school enable children to achieve their potential during their time at Prae Wood. The day-to-day running of the school is left to the Headteacher and her team of excellent staff.

We are organised into sub-committees and working parties that address key issues that face the school. The Finance and Resources Committee ensures that finance and resources are managed effectively to maximise the learning opportunities for the children at Prae Wood. The Learning Committee is responsible for monitoring the standards and progress of children’s learning from Nursery through to Year 6. These committees meet regularly to focus on their defined remit. They professionally challenge the school to ensure opportunities at Prae Wood maximise the learning of all pupils. 

We also have two meetings a term as a full Governing Body. One of these is a business meeting and the other has a development focus. The minutes from all these meetings are available from the school office and any correspondence for the Governing Body should be sent to the Governors c/o the school office. If you are interested in volunteering as a Governor, please contact the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors.

For further details regarding the Governing Body, including name, term of office, date of appointment and retirement from office, and the body who appointed them, please click here

For further details regarding the attendance of Governors at meetings for the academic year 2017/18, please click here

Correspondence for the Governing Body can either be sent directly to a Governor or addressed to the school for forwarding: c/o Emma Lad, Clerk to Governors, Prae Wood Primary School Office, King Harry Lane, St Albans AL3 4HZ. Tel:  01727 751930, email:

Who's Who in the Governing Body?

Peter Guess (Chair of Governing Body): I have two daughters, both of whom attended Prae Wood. I believe that a good education is the greatest gift that you can bestow on a child.  I aim to bring my commercial and IT experience to the school, to assist in providing a stable and secure environment for both pupils and teachers, enabling them to respectively learn and teach. In my spare time I am a poor but enthusiastic golfer.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Fiona Gow (Co-opted Community Governor and Co-Chair Teaching and Learning): I joined Prae Wood as a co-opted Governor in June 2009 and my current term of office continues until August 2018. I have two sons who attend Prae Wood currently in Year 3 and Year 5.  Prior to having my children I worked as an international & employment tax consultant and I aim to bring my financial expertise to the Finance & Resources committee. I also co-chair the Teaching and Learning committee.  I have lived in this area of St Albans for much of my life and the opportunities available to our local children are very important to me.  I am committed to offering all my support in assisting the school meet its goals of providing excellent education and care to the children.

Declaration of Business Interest: Clerk to Governing Body, Wheatfields School

Joyce Field (Non-Teaching Staff Governor): I became a Governor in 2000. I work as a Teaching Assistant in the school, l am very keen on extra sporting opportunities for the children and giving them the opportunity to represent their school.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Efa Schmidt (Parent Governor and Safeguarding) I was a community governor at the school before I had my children, now pupils at Prae Wood, and therefore I’m fully aware of the importance of the role, as well as the commitment needed to be an effective governor.  Having qualified as a barrister, I am now a practising solicitor with expertise in representing, negotiating and resolving controversial issues whilst responding effectively to sensitive matters.  I am committed to achieving the best for our children, school and community.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Duncan Hale (Parent Governor) I am 38 years old, with two children at Prae Wood. I work in finance, where I manage money on behalf of pension funds, investing into infrastructure and real estate.  As someone that manages not only money for others but also a team, my role is focused on ensuring transparency and accountability. I believe I bring expertise and energy to the role; I am passionate about our children’s education.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Tony Fitzpatrick (Parent Governor) I was elected as a parent governor to Prae Wood School in May 2017. I currently have three daughters at the school, they love going to school and feel very much part of a cohesive school community for which I am very grateful. As a parent I am pleased to be able to give my time to the school. I have been a Secondary School Headteacher in Hertfordshire for a number of years, and have worked in Hertfordshire schools for 20 years. I also work closely with the local authority sitting on a number of committees. I aim to assist the school with my knowledge and skills to support the education of all pupils at Prae Wood. I am an experienced governor, I am currently chair for another governing body.

Declaration of Business Interest: Chair of Governors at Stevenage ESC, Headteacher, Barnwell School

Ronald Mycock (Community Governor): I have lived on the Verulam estate for 30 years. I am now retired, but spent the whole of my working life in education. I began as a teacher, then became a teacher trainer before joining Her Majesty's Inspectorate. I have served on two other governing bodies, including as chairman of a school in special measures at the request of the LEA. I hope my experience will prove useful to the Governing Body of Prae Wood School.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Ann Rabinowitz (Community Governor): I became a Governor at Prae Wood in June 2015. I moved to St Albans, having previously lived in Berkhamstead for fifteen years. My professional background is in education, as a Careers Adviser. My work has been centred around working with teenagers in secondary schools locally where I have supported young people and their families in making choices at key points in their education whether they are considering further education, higher education, employment or Apprenticeships. Currently I work in two St Albans secondary schools. I have two teenage sons, who have both been educated locally. I am looking forward to contributing to the community of Prae Wood and will be part of the Teaching and Learning Committee and also will share Governor responsibility for SEND provision within the school.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Louise Savory (Community Governor): Currently a Public Health Registrar, who will become a Consultant in Public Health on completion of a five year period of training.  Prior to this, I worked as an Exercise Physiologist across several settings; Luton and Dunstable Hospital, University of Bedfordshire and NHS West Essex, where I engaged with both adults and children to encourage healthy lifestyles.  I live locally and in my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, shopping and being a mum to two boys.  I am honoured to have the opportunity to make a positive contribution as a Governor to Prae Wood School.  I wish to ensure children are valued, supported, enjoy growing up and have a bright future at the school.

Declaration of Business Interest: None

Linda Walton (Teacher Governor): I am a Teacher Governor and part of the Teaching and Learning Committee. 

Declaration of Business Interest: None

King Harry Lane, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 4HZ

01727 751930