No Outsiders at Prae Wood Primary School

After visiting another local school and being lucky enough to observe and meet Andrew Moffat, the CEO of No Outsiders, we were immediately convinced that this approach fitted in perfectly with our school ethos, ‘Everyone Valued, Everyone Learning’.  Andrew told us that, ‘We want schools to be teaching that there are no outsiders because everyone is welcome.

We need to create classroom environments where no child feels left out; every child needs to be taught that they belong.  As children grow up, they can sometimes learn that difference is a barrier to friendship and our aim is to remove that barrier.’   

We invited Andrew in to meet our staff and governors and he spent the day reading picture books to every year group and having wonderful conversations about difference and equality. 

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Our pupils responded fantastically to their sessions and produced some thoughtful and sensitive work around their discussions. Here are some examples by Year 4 pupils, who considered the challenges faced by the protagonist, Biff in the story 'Dogs Don't Do Ballet'

No Outsiders is now well embedded at Prae Wood and, every half term, Mrs Lockwood and Mrs Sheppard deliver sessions to every class across the whole school - it really is a highlight for both the children and staff.  Modern Britain is diverse therefore, through providing an inclusive education, we hope to promote community cohesion to prepare our young people for life as global citizens.