Prae Wood is 50!

On the 23rd April, 2021, Prae Wood Primary School celebrated its 50th birthday. Teachers planned a week of activities centred around the 1970s (the decade in which the school was founded) and the number 50, which culminated in the whole school getting together on the field to celebrate with singing and dancing. Confetti cannons filled with biodegradable confetti burst into the sky as pupils and staff sang 'Happy Birthday' adding to the excitement generated by everyone getting together for the first time in a year.


Mrs Welland choreographed a routine to accompany the 1970s hit song 'Is this the way to Amarillo?' and everyone had a great time performing the line dance. If you listen carefully you can hear the added chant 'PRAE WOOD' shouted out with the double clap!

Earlier in the year the PWSA ran a competition to design a logo for the 50th year, which was won by Aurelia in Year 6. Her drawing incorporated a shooting star and celebratory balloons. The winning design was made into badges, which were presented to all pupils, staff and governors. Well done Aurelia! The School and PWSA also launched a sponsored 'Walk 50km for 50 years' where pupils have been invited to walk, scoot, skip or travel however they like, whilst inviting friends and family to sponsor them for every kilometre covered.

Aurelia, with her winning design

Year 4 reflected on their thoughts about Prae Wood, and what it means to them

'Prae Wood School is kind and caring. It is where I found my confidence and my passion for poetry' 'I've found out that it's really fun to learn and play with my kind friends' 'This school really shaped my personality and made me the boy I am today' 'Prae Wood helps me build up my skills, gives me my friends and courage' 'The teachers are very supportive. Everyone here is special to me in their own way. I have met many friends here who have helped me get over my worries and they have stood by me for many years' 'It is basically a second home'

Teachers planned challenges and activities around the themes of 'The Number 50' and 'The 1970s', which pupils enjoyed completing over the course of the birthday week. Many of the results were used to decorate the school. Sign production, colour blending and maths challenges are just a few examples of what everyone got up to. Year 6 even learnt about television programmes and music from the era, with an introduction to Rainbow, The Wombles and the songs of Cliff Richard!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Prae Wood, Happy Birthday to you!!.....