KS2 School Council visit to the House of Parliament

On Tuesday 10th January 2023 we went to the Houses of Parliament in London, near Westminster. We were taken by a tour guide through the Houses of Commons and Lords. Along the way we met Daisy Cooper who is the Member of Parliament for St Albans. 

We saw a debate happening in the Commons and Lords. A debate is a polite argument. In the House of Commons, they were debating about houses going up in price. In the House of Lords, they were debating about NHS winter pressures. We learnt that when the speaker of the House says ‘ORDER’ the MPs have to be silent. We learnt that the House of Commons is green, and the House of Lords is red. We learnt that a bill is like a baby law, not fully formed.

It was impressive to see all the statues and patterns on the floor but most importantly seeing Daisy Cooper. (Amelia, Y4)  My favourite part of the day was when I got to pretend to be the speaker of the House and debate whether or not we should ban smoking! (Thomas. Y5)  I really enjoyed watching the NHS debate in the House of Commons. (Sophie, Y6)