Year 6 PGL Week 2023

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Whilst many of our Year 6 pupils travelled to the PGL site, others engaged in activities a bit closer to home. Ruby and Habiba had a really busy week on site at Prae Wood, completing various tasks and activities together and making a good impression on all the staff and pupils. The girls were issued with their own passes and a timetable, which had been planned with almost military precision on Monday, alongside their own snack station in the main staff room. They spent time working with various year groups and supporting in the library, as well as baking with Taz and serving lunches. They enjoyed gardening activities with Mrs Haward, supported the admin team and Mrs Clark with the weekly newsletter and were given the task of decorating the bench sections of the gazebo on the KS2 field. Do take a look at the beautiful brush work as you pass by!


Day 1

After a fun stop at Dinton Pastures Country Park, the children made it safe and sound to PGL - ready and raring to go!! Once they'd found their rooms, 'unpacked' their bags and filled up on food, the children headed out for their first 'evening activity' of the week - a game of 'Capture the Flag'! Judging by the smiles on all of their faces - it's safe to say they enjoyed themselves!! When they'd all run out of steam, the children made their way back to their rooms, ready to recharge for their first full day at PGL!

Check out our activity groups below and see what we got up to on day 2...

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Day 2


Today has been a great first full day at PGL and Year 6 have done everyone proud!! They have overcome everything that's been put in front of them, encouraged each other and impressed all of the PGL group leaders.


It's been a BIG day...they've swung on the giant swing, made a leap of faith on the trapeze, shot arrows during archery, competed against each other playing 'aeroball', reached the top of the climbing wall and sung songs around a campfire! They've stuffed their faces with way too much food and drank copious amounts of water!!


It's fair to say they're shattered and ready for day 3!

Day 3

Today, the children were joined by Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Lockwood - who got stuck in straight away and showed the children how abseiling was really done! After a morning full of activities, the children headed back to their rooms to prepare for a 'room inspection' (courtesy of our guests for the day!!) where the winners were presented with a special prize (aka a very classy £1 PGL wristband!!). The children have continued to conquer their fears and push themselves to their limits! The day ended with a water fight and their special 'letters from home'. Everyone's tucked up for bed, recharging for their last full day.

Day 4...disco ready!!!