Welcome to Year 6

Spring Term


Last half term our geography topic was 'Rivers & Mountains'.  We focused on:

Human & Physical Geography

What makes a location suitable for settlement? 

In groups of four, two of us became experts on mountains and the other two became experts on rivers. Together, we used our expertise to create our own island. We had to include a mountain range and a main river. We then had to plot 4 settlements on our island based on the 4 main reasons settlements are found near rivers: food, protection, transport, trade. Once our island was created, we generated a 3D render of it alongside 4 different 'themed maps' that displayed information about the population, wealth, main employer and the type of community for each different region on the island. In English, we then wrote non-chronological reports about our islands. Have a look below at a collection of some of our work!

Y6 - Rivers & Mountains - image 0
Y6 - Rivers & Mountains - image 1
Y6 - Rivers & Mountains - image 2
Y6 - Rivers & Mountains - image 3