Homework at Prae Wood

Homework activities are designed to complement and consolidate learning within the classroom as well as enabling children to have the opportunity to research an area of interest in more detail and, as such, the tasks on offer are always varied.  Some may require your child to record whilst others may be of a more practical nature.  Some homework is designed to encourage adult participation (especially with the younger children) or may require your support from home in terms of collecting the resources to make a model.

Homework is not marked in any way. It is the enjoyment and the learning process that is important rather than the finished outcome.

As children move into Keystage Two there is an expectation that most will begin to take more ownership over the organisation of which pieces of homework they are going to complete over the half term and when. You might like to spend some time each half term looking over the grid of activities and planning with your child when may be a good time to fit homework around their after school activities and your family calendar.

We do not have any hard and fast rules about the amount of time that should be spent on each item as different children will be capable of recording / presenting their homework in different ways and different families will be able to support in different ways.

Systems for handing in homework are slightly different for different age groups and are noted on the homework grid.

In Keystage One children will be invited to share some of their homework with their peers if they want to and will also be given a sticker if they would like one. Children in Lower Keystage Two will also share their homework with their class if they want to. Children in Upper Keystage Two can bring their homework in over the course of the half term as they complete it and they will celebrate with a Homework Showcase at the end of the half term.