Welcome to Nursery 2024

Welcome to Nursery at Prae Wood! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your child joining us in Willow Class in September 2024

We hope that this page will provide a useful reference point for the information that you need ahead of September. We include a link to the powerpoint presentation, which Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Lesnik use as a basis for their Welcome Meeting with you.

Please click on the image below to access/download the presentation again.


Useful links, ahead of the start of term

Breakfast and Afterschool clubs are available for Nursery children from Monday 9th September. The school office will make your required bookings for you for the month of September, after which time we ask you do so via School Gateway. Please submit your required dates using the links below.

2 weeks notice is required for changes and cancellations and we ask that you read the Terms and Conditions when registering your child.


Register for Little Breakfast Club


Register for Little RASCals


Please ensure your read the Terms and Conditions for Little Breakfast Club and Little RASCals prior to making your booking.

  • Notice of bookings/cancellations must be given one week in advance. In the event of absence (eg sickness, play dates) refunds will not be given
  • Parents must advise of any dietary or medical requirements
  • Parents must advise of specific additional needs for their child(ren)
  • Parents must collect children promptly
  • Children are expected to follow the school’s behavioural rules

Nursery Afternoons

We offer additional nursery hours from 12:00-3:00pm at a cost of £17.35* per afternoon.

*from September 2024

This can either be paid for by parents directly, or can be funded through the ’30 hours free funding’, if you are eligible.

Every child is assigned the first 15 hours from 9:00am-12:00pm each day, and the second 15 depend on eligibility.  Parents can choose to pay for the sessions themselves if they do not qualify for the ’30 hours free funding’.


Bookings for Nursery Afternoons are made by the office staff. Please contact them on admin@praewood.herts.sch.uk if you have questions, wish to make bookings or need any help. 

Parents may opt to select a school lunch ( £2.20 per meal), or to provide a packed lunch for their child.  Please do not include nuts, peanut butter or Nutella-type spreads as we have children with severe allergies at the school.

School lunch choices must be submitted to the office in advance of the lunch serving, when making a booking.

Cool Milk

Don't forget that you need to register directly with our provider Cool Milk if you would like your child to have milk each day. Visit www.coolmilk.com/parents to register. Milk is free for all children under the age of 5. You can opt to pay for the service to continue once your child is older than 5, if you wish to do so.

Uniform click the blue text to visit our website page for Uniform.

There is no requirement for Nursery children to wear uniform; some parents choose to send their children in wearing full uniform, some choose just the jumper or cardigan and some choose comfortable clothes- all are acceptable!

We ask that children wear closed-toe shoes that are comfortable for them to wear when running, jumping and climbing. Please also send a pair of named wellies to keep in school. All other items can be sent according to weather (eg sun hat, rain coat). Please make sure everything is named.

Special diets

If your child has any dietary requirements you should note these on your Admission Form and also submit a form for our catering company, Aspens

If you wish to notify us of a medically prescribed dietary requirement, please click here  then complete and return the form. We will require notice and details from a medical practitioner prior to starting any amended meal provision. It may take up to 10 days to confirm the menu and dietary choices.

Medical Forms

If your child needs specific medical support during their day at school, or medicine to be given, we ask that you complete the following forms and return to the School Office. Medicines should be brought to school in a clearly labelled container

Medical Form: Healthcare Plan 

Medical Form: Parental consent for administering medicine