School Gateway


School Gateway is our booking and payment system

To access the School Gateway Help Page, please click here

This link will take you to an external page, which is managed by School Gateway. You will find some simple 'how to' videos and instructions, which may answer any questions you have.


How do I use School Gateway?

You need your email address and mobile number that the school holds on record for you.

Download the app: if you have a smart phone, please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone).  The app shows the same information as the School Gateway website plus you can message the school for free- this will also save the school money when we send you a text message.


Visit the website and click on ‘New User’.  You’ll receive a text message with a PIN number.  Use this PIN to log into School Gateway.


Is there a charge to use it?

Each transaction made via School Gateway is subject to a charge of 1.27% (whether a payment or a refund).

On this basis, for any overpayments made in error we will apply the same charge rate when generating a refund. Alternatively, we can try and off-set the amount against outstanding debts accrued, if possible. Please ensure that you check every transaction made and double-check any invoice or payment request that has been prepared for you before instructing payment.


I can’t seem to log in

Please contact us to make sure you are using the details that we have on file for you. It’s important that these match, or you will not be able to use this service.  If you are having trouble logging in, please email the office at so that we can help you.


I already use this for my child at another school.  Can I link the account?

Yes, as long as your email and contact number are the same at both schools.


Can I pay for multiple purchases, or more than one child’s account at the same time?

Yes, please simply add items to ‘basket’ before paying.


How can I see what I owe for my child?

Log in to your account, either via the app or the website and make sure that you look in both the ‘Clubs’ categories, and the ‘Payments’ categories.

If your balance shows 0.00 you do not have any outstanding amounts to pay.

If your balance shows eg -10.00 then you have an outstanding amount of £10.00 to pay.

If your balance shows eg £10.00 then you are in credit.


Can I see what I have paid for already?

Yes, simply log in to school gateway via your app or computer and click on the tab titled ‘payment history'. If you click on any transaction id on this page it will show you what the payment request was for.


Do I have to pay everything at once?

Your requirement to pay is based upon the way in which it has been set up.  Clubs and trips are likely to require immediate payment and will ask you to complete this to secure your booking, whilst RASCals and Breakfast Club do not necessarily need payment at the time of booking; we ask you to pay on a rolling basis as sessions are taken.  When you do not need to pay immediately you will see the balance for your child/ren reflecting a charge and you can log in to pay when needed. 

Please continue to pay for school lunches half termly in advance, as well as Breakfast Club and RASCals for fixed bookings.


Can I use childcare vouchers/tax free childcare vouchers to pay for my bookings?

Yes, you can use these for Breakfast Club, RASCals and Nursery Extended Sessions. Please advise the school office if you would like to use childcare vouchers and we will apply the credit to your account as we are notified by the childcare voucher provider.  You will be able to see when these have been applied by viewing your child’s balance. If paying using the Tax Free Childcare system, please email the office each time you instruct a payment, so that we can track the incoming amounts and apply the credit to the correct balance.


I’ve changed my phone number/email address.  Will School Gateway still work?

If you have informed the school office of any changes, we will have amended your details on our system, and this will alter your profile.  Please log in to School Gateway using your old email address and ANY random PIN, and this will trigger an option to update your details.


My account is showing things that I haven’t used

Your account will show everything that your child(ren) qualify for.  So, even if you do not currently use Breakfast Club, for example, you will have the capacity to make a booking if you wish.  This will show as 1/1 alongside the charge that applies for that session.  It does not mean that you have been charged this amount.


I have paid too much- what should I do?

We can carry your credit across to other categories, or across to the following academic year (unless your child is in year 6 or about to leave the school, in which case we would look to refund you).

Refunds are subject to a transaction charge of 1.27% for overpayments. If you have overpaid using childcare vouchers you will need to claim these back via your voucher provider.