Sustainability Week 2023

In May we organised Sustainability Week at Prae Wood, with a focus on WATER and its importance in our lives globally


On Wednesday we welcomed a representative from the charity WATERAID to speak to pupils in KS1 and KS2 about the work they do towards giving access to clean water in towns and villages across the world. He shared information about the importance of water in promoting health and hygiene as well as growing crops and keeping animals, alongside the effects of climate change on the world and what shared responsibility means in our ability to address these problems.


Did you know it is a basic human right to have......


......but there are many in the world who do not have these

Pupils were invited to wear a blue item of clothing or accessory and donate £1 towards the charity- we raised almost £300!

Different year groups took on different challenges and activities throughout the week, both physical and arty

WATER WALK During the week pupils completed a Water Walk instead of one Daily Mile

A relay was set up across the field with 5 teams of 5 or 6 children,. 5 buckets were prepared with equal amounts of water in and children carried them, timed for 8-10 minutes (amended for each year group to suit their abilities).  Teachers then assessed who had the most water left. Children had to remember the idea that water is a precious resource and imagine it was needed to supply their needs for the whole day. In keeping with this idea, when teams were finished, they used the remaining water to water the plants. It was a challenging event, but much enjoyed by the pupils

WATERAID POSTCARD DESIGNS Look at the fantastic and creative ideas communicated with words and images by Year 2 on their designs for Wateraid postcard.


Meanwhile, Year 1 designed the ideal toilet seat and Year 4 centred their design efforts on mugs, t shirts, caps and bags as a way to get across information about the importance of water and the work of Wateraid