Modern Britain is diverse and therefore, through our 'Everyone Welcome' approach and by providing an inclusive education, we aim to promote equality and community cohesion to prepare our young people for life as global citizens. 


Each half term, Mrs Sheppard and Miss Rogers look forward to delivering story sessions with every class across the whole school.  We have carefully selected a range of books for each year group which tackle discrimination, question stereotypes, develop self-acceptance and help children learn how to live alongside, and show respect for, a diverse range of people. 

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What do our parents think?

The Day You Begin

'This book is really nice.  It feels like my story.  It's interesting and indulging.'

'A great selection of books covering a wide variety of topics that are so important in society today to help our kids develop into confident, rounded, strong and kind individuals.  Thank you!'

Bear Shaped

'This was a very sad book, I wished it had a happier ending.  But all the books are lovely.'

'There is NOBODY in the world EXACTLY like you and that's what makes you AMAZING!'

The Huge Bag of Worries

'This is one of the best books.  I wish I would have read it when I was 7 years old.'

A fabulous selection of books with important and special subjects, written in a clear way for all ages to understand.'

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What do our children think?

The Island

'I think this book has a very important message to it: Just because someone is different to you, they should still be treated equally.'

Year 6

The Invisible

'This story is a really nice way to show that people don't always feel like they belong.  It's a good lesson.

Year 5

Dogs Don't Do Ballet

'I like this book because it teaches children that you can do what you want in life and not to listen to hurtful comments.'

Year 4

The Truth About Old People

'Don't always assume something about someone.  It's alright to be different.'

Year 3

It's a No Money Day

'It's ok to not have lots of money because love is free!'

Year 2

Hair, It's a Family Affair!

'It doesn't matter what your hair looks like, we can all still play together.'

Year 1

A Busy Day For Birds

'I like the baby swan and the rhyming words and the flamingo standing on one leg.  It's ok to be different!'

Year R

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